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ROG-STRIX-RTX2080TI-O11G-GAMING nowhere to be found

Level 8
Hi there,

So as other guys probably, I'm hyped about the new 2080 too, and I'm actually considering replacing my current 1080 Ti from EVGA to ASUS ROG GPU, I want the 2080 Ti, however wherever I look I can only find the Dual Fan version, not this triple.

Also on the website it is said that the 2080 is the Strix and the 2080 Ti is the Dual, but yet that page exists, what gives?

Thank god 2080s are finally here.

I have one pre ordered from and they have no ETA nor any information. I will give it until the end of this week. If its not here by then, I have a back up EVGA 2080 ti ultra on hold.

2080s are starting to roll in.

Sir Campsalot wrote:
This is getting ridiculous ASUS. You have the 2080 triple fan OC listed on sites for several weeks, but no stock. Now the 2070 triple fan OC is on the site for one day and now has tons of stock. What about the 2080s? Sloppy and irritating launch ASUS!

I was told from an insider that Nvidia is holding back the 2080 ti chips to boost founder edition sales. The last shipment to Canada could be count with two hands. Guess all we can do now is be patient.

Level 12
the Strix Advanced: GPU Boost Clock : 1590 MHz
the Strix OC: GPU Boost Clock : 1665 MHz

Level 7
This is the weirdest hardware release ever...

Every shop is hard-advertising for these cards, but no one has any stock/information.

This is so easy to make artificial-money nowadays, selling stuff you don't even have.

Most of these shops can't even describe their products : I've seen the same models priced and named differently on the same websites.

It's been two months and it still feels like they didn't release these products yet...

Level 7
mine is working fine adn i have had it for one week now

Level 7
My goal is to get ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 Ti OC but it is not where to be found and there is a large amount of reviews which is nice. but I must ask has something gone wrong like shortages?

I just returned a Zotac Amp because it's RGB software didn't work and Zotac told me to refund it to mircocenter. Now I have no card. Really want that ASUS Strix and get Aura Sync on and no deal with Spectra which didn't work after day 1.

I still had fun with my video card for a week.