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ROG strix rtx 2080ti maintenance?

Level 8
Hello out there,

I am in possession of a RO Strix RTX 2080ti OC 11Go plugged on a PG348Q linked through DP, to put on the basis of the HW setup.

having some issues on the GPU hot spot, regarding hwinfo64, i noticed that a few games are bringing this one above 100°c on default customisation in Gputweak... no OC, no tuning, just a fan curve that i had to make somewhat aggressive as i was told the game not supporting the OC mode of the card. Just to say, it make them crash but you know it. I have that problem since a few months and my only solution to keep cool temps (not crashing ones) is ti start from a silent mode setup in gputweak and lower the power and frequency in use from 100% to 90% power and altering the frequency from 1650Mhz to 1590Mhz with some success (same fan curve as below).


To mention, i usually play on high settings, at a 100hz. I both had indicated that frequency into the game and into Windows display etc.... and was wishing to understand why the hotspot becomes so hot as the temp is only of 65-70°C max. I just did choose 100hz into the game and clicked on high settings in the game, outting vsync on screen and gpu as it is a gsync setup (i might consider doing something wrong btw, do not hesitate telling me this at this point on anything that would be.... "wrong").

So here comes my maintenance. Knowing that the paste of the gpu can be the culprid (i used my gpu a lot in ultra and so within standard games that do not recquire a lot of ressources, making it dry or obsolete as a good paste), i bought some grizzly kryonaut (12.5W/m) that i aim to change on both the gpu and the cpu as well if it does well deserve its purpose and value. Fact is that now, i was thinking to buy thermal pads as well for the memory as i can find grizzly pads too.

My question will be like: Does someone know where i can find the measurement of the pads on my card or any tips? i could use to cut them using scisors? what would you do? I am in real advice for that part of the pads.

Thanks in advance.

Hey JaEDias,

You're right-- the hotspot temperature does seem high, but your GPU core temperature is pretty reasonable at 68.7 degrees. It seems some people have had success bringing the hotspot temperature back down by reapply their thermal pate. In addition to changing out thermal paste, make sure to check on how much dust buildup you have in the heatsink. Some compressed air will work very well for clearing out the dust.

For the thermal pads, I generally don't swap those out since they don't impact the overall temperature that much, but you could buy a sheet of thermal pads and then cut them to match the size of the existing thermal pads. (scissors or a utility knife should work just fine)

I would say you don't need to worry about changing out memory thermal pads unless you're specifically having issues with memory temperature as well!