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ROG-STRIX-LC-RTX3090TI-O24G-GAMING No Screws for Radiator

Level 10
I love this card so much and the prices have dropped a lot, so I bought a second one. But after buying it I realized I'd had to dig out screws for the first card/rad from a dead old radiator in the closet BECAUSE IT CAME WITH NO SCREWS, lol. But for this second one, I have no more screws and have no idea of the specs or where to get such screws.

Anyone with knowledge or help: your advice would be IMMENSELY appreciated.

Edit: Maybe 6-32? But how long and does the type of head matter?

I removed the existing fan screws and put those through both the case and the fans. It's my preference to have the fans in a pull configuration for easy dust cleaning anyway.

As for the exact thread type, I'm not sure but the head shouldn't matter. Have you checked the manual? If you have some nuts lying around you can pull one of the screws out and see if it threads into one of the nuts. That will tell you the threads in the rad.
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