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ROG Strix GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti OC - Infrequent Horizontal lines

Level 7
Hey all,

Trying to solve a problem where I have infrequent horizontal lines flashing every now and then on my screen. 😞
This happens almost everywhere, during game play, in static game menus, in Windows, while browsing the web or watching videos, etc.
Its hard grabbing a screen shot of these when they occur, but I managed to catch one in Warframe :cool:
They vary in size, sometimes its a very slim line, sometimes thick as the example below, but very similar.
They pop up for maybe a millisecond at random, and infrequently enough to not cause concern, but is annoying nonetheless.
My EVGA GTX 1080 ti FTW3 Hybrid doesn't have this issue.

Example of the issue:

I found that it happens quite frequently and repeatably in the Warframe menus.
Games like Forza Horizon 4, BFV, Overwatch have the same issue but happens MUCH less frequently.
I would assume for the moment it's related to the very high FPS that Warframe achieves in comparison to the other titles.

System Spec:
Samsung C49RG90SSU (at 5120x1440)
CoolerMaster C700P
i9 9900K
Corsair Hydro H150i
ROG Maximus XI Code
32GB G.Skill Trident Z
ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 Ti OC
1TB Samsung EVO 960 Pro
2TB Western Digital HDD
Corsair RM1000x PSU

Some config notes:
Windows 10 Pro, latest Nvidia Drivers (all other drivers up to date too)
No overclocks applied to date. GPU Temps: idle 33c, max load 83c. CPU Temps: idle 32c, max load 78c
All games play well at full resolution, ULTRA settings, with high FPS(100+)
No game crashes or windows crashes experienced to date. (since FEB19 build)
Card is mounted vertically with a good riser cable (have replaced this for testing purposes with no effect as well)
Still have to test with new DP cable, but the one I have is high quality and almost brand new, but will try this regardless

Build image:

Any thoughts?

Level 7
Small update on how I managed to fix it... the issue turned out to be a poor Display Port cable, despite it being almost brand new.
I replaced the cable with another cable lying around the house and these issues went away immediately. Suppose the lesson is to start with the basics when troubleshooting instead of assuming the worst from forum posts. 😉