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ROG STRIX 1080TI Artifacting

Level 7
Hello all,

As of late I've been experiencing this very odd artifacts while gaming. My card just started doing it on games I used to play with no issues before. I've attached some pictures of it happening. These artifacts happen, system freezes for a good 5-15 seconds and then hard reboots.

I've already tried re-seating the card, clean windows installation, clean driver install (newest version AND latest stable when that failed), changing PCI slot, replacing the PSU, installing the card in a different computer, installing the card in a third, different system. The error was there everytime.

It kept happening on destiny 2 (randomly), star wars fallen order (after about 20 mins of playing), Forza Horizon 4 (after about 3-5 mins of booting up). I tried some more games and the card kept artifacting in the exact same way at varying rates.
Somehow, the card had no problems passing stress tests.

This happened at stock speeds, this happened with debug settings turned on on nvidia control pannel. Card became stable when underclocking the memory by roughly 100 hz.

So I thought maybe it's time for a RMA. So I sent it in, it was received in december 4th. Up to this date I keep exchanging e-mails with asus reps who keep telling me they can't find the error on my card despite me documenting the error extensively and even being able to reproduce it on other machines.

I guess what will eventually happen is they'll return the card and I'll have to re-document everything and begin the process again. What might this error be? Why can't they find it? What are my options once they return my card un-repaired?

I'm thinking they can't find the error because I sent it in at stable clock profile, which is underclocked memory. Surely they are making sure speeds are at stock, right?