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ROG Maximus X Code won't recognize EVGA GEForce 1080Ti

Level 7
Hello to everyone. This is my first post in a long long time. I am experienced in older stuff but have not built in about 4 years. I have a new build with Seasonic 750, 16 GB of Corsair memory and Windows 10 on an M.2 drive. It boots perfectly to Win 10 when I use an on board graphics port, but will not boot when I connect to the EVGA. I have tried all ports, CMOS clear, resetting the EVGA board, etc. The code the MB settles on is A0, and then it just sits there. All fans start, and the EVGA fans stop after a few seconds but with LED's lit, so there appears to be good power to the card. All suggestions will be sincerely appreciated.

Level 8
Could be a dead card if you've tried all PCI Express slots. Have you tried this card on another PC?