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ROG Maximus ix formula - GPU upgrade suggestions

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Hi all,

Firstly, hello everyone. I am new to the forum 🙂

I have a situation which I wanted to get some advice on if I may...

I currently have a desktop pc which I built back in 2017 consisting of an ASUS ROG Maximus ix formula, an intel i7 7700k CPU, an Nvidia gtx1060 3gb GPU, 32gb of ram and a 450w vs corsair PSU. In the way of displays - I have two Dell UltraSharp 24 Monitors, U2422H.

I stopped using the computer about two years ago....but more recently I have been debating whether or not it is 'worth' upgrading the graphics card. This on the basis to start playing games on it again....something like the latest flight simulator offering as an example. It seems that the graphics card is the weak link reading some of the minimum requirements in game specs.

I am fairly happy with the other components given its age and still feel that it is a relatively ok least in my opinion 

I appreciate that i will likely need to upgrade my PSU too, but is it ultimately worth doing or am I fighting a lost cause and would be better off spending money on other components.....or bite the bullet and build a more modern/powerful machine?

If it would be of benefit to upgrade the GPU.....which can I upgrade to?

Any help welcome.



Super Moderator

Hello and welcome,

Your main two points of contention are the PSU (as you've already mentioned), and being held back by the CPU.

See Hardware Canuck's review of the 3080 when paired with the 7700K (time stamped). As you can see from the performance results, GPU utilisation is far from exhausted, so it really depends on your budget.

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Thank you for your response.

An interesting watch and a food for thought!