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ROG Mars760 in SLI with a normal GTX 760

Level 7
As topic says can this card work in SLI with a normal GTX760 single gpu card?
I already have one and i was planning to do a SLI config with another one but then this card came out...
Will this work? Will it be like a 3way SLI/Tri-SLI?

Level 15
I think it should work as long as both the MARS and 760 you have, have the same amount of RAM and of course the same GPU, you should be good to go.

Level 7
Thanks for the answer ^^
That's a tricky question...

My 760 have 2gb of RAM.

The mars 760 that has 2 gk104 gpus on a single pcb has a total of 4gb, 2 for every gpu... so basically every single gpu (the one on my single gtx 760 and the 2 on the mars) will have 2gb, but one pcb has 2gb and the other one (the mars) will have a total of 4gb.

So will it work like a tri sli of 3 gpu with 2gb of ram each?

As far as i've understood every gpu on the mars will be only capable to use and see only 2gb each.

Level 40
As far as I know that is not possible unless you use hacked drivers. There is more to a dual GPU card than just the two GPU's it's not like having two 760s that you can add to. You can run two dual core cards as quad though....although this has mixed results...

Level 16
I have never tried to run together a dual core and a single core graphics card... but, as Arne said, I would expect for some trouble doing that...

Level 40
No you can not use those two cards in multi card configuration.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Hi there,
My ASUS ROG MARS 760 SHOWS ONLY 2GB OF VIDEO MEMORY and only one video output is working!!!?? I've checked but I got SLI is disable. But no luck to enable SLI. I didn't even find SLI option.. 😞 can you please tell me what's wrong with this graphics card?? Thanks


Community Admin
Community Admin
2GB is shown since the card dedicates 2GB to each of the two GPUs, when in SLI the memory available does not double. What happens if you revert to the latest driver available on the support page? (353.62)
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