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Resolved - ASUS GTX 970 DC2 STRIX extremely loud

Level 7
Hi folks,
today I've changed my ASUS GTX 670 DC2 for a brand new GTX 970. I wanted to test it a bit with AC:Unity, but as the temps started raising (capped at about 72C) and the fans speed reached above 50%, the card started behaving like a jet engine, it was very loud and disturbing. I did not do a side by side comparison of the temps and loudness levels between the 670 and 970, but I cannot remember the 670 ever being so loud under load, maybe after reaching 75% fan speed, but it did this barely ever.
Is this a normal behavior of the new 970 STRIX series? The idle and load temps are absolutely fine, just the fans are so loud that you can hear the card in another room.

Level 7
I've returned the card and exchanged it for the 970 from MSI. HUGE difference.

Some videos posted which outline the issue:

EDIT2: At room temperature of about 22C and 99% load:

ASUS STRIX GTX 970: 72C and 60% speed
MSI GTX 970: 61C and 45% speed, also barely audible

Level 13

As you no longer need support for the video card I'll mark this resolved.