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Resizable Bar VBios V4 vs V5

Level 7
I haven't updated my 3080 OC TUF card yet. Based on previous posts, pleased I waited. On the Asus site I see a V5 bios update for the card which says that it's for those folks who had issues after an update with V4.

My question: Do I update with V4 or V5 or continue to wait (since there are folks who had issues with V4)?

Level 12
I have the same question, and what are the issues with V4? I just received and installed my Asus TUF RTX 3080 OC. GPU-Z says it has VBIOS which according to the TechPowerUp database is the latest version. It is confusing that TechPowerUp has this version listed twice with release dates of Nov 26, 2020 and March 10, 2021.

I downloaded the latest VBIOS from Asus - RTX3080_V5.exe and unzipped it. When I look in the Testini.txt file which lists all of the old and new VBIOS versions, none of them end in .66. All of the Asus VBIOS files end in ASxx where xx is a 2-digit number. I suspect that the AS stands for Asus, and that they have their own VBIOS numbering system. There is no Asus VBIOS version that ends in .66 or AS66 so I don't know which Asus VBIOS is NVidia VBIOS, so I don't know which Asus VBIOS to flash with NVFlash.

I could just run the Asus RTX3080_V5.exe file and hope it does the right thing but I would feel better if the Asus VBIOS numbers matched the NVida VBIOS numbers listed on TechPowerUp, but they don't. Can anyone clarify how this works?


Level 13
You dont need to V4 to install V5 unless it a requirement, So safe to update to V5 directly. I done that without V4.