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Questions about ASUS FanControl on Strix cards

Level 7
Hey folks, I recently bought a Strix card and I'm finishing building my rig, I'm planning connecting 2 Corsair AF LED fans with my Strix, these Fans will be at the top of my case exhausting, My objective is to have a positive pressure while my Card is idling and a negative one when I'm gaming. My questions about this are:

1. These Corsair fans aren't PWM, I already saw people saying that it will work fine with the Strix, but I still have one doubt, inevitable they will run at full RPM when my Strix turns them on, right?

2. They are also LED fans, their LED will be turned off while they aren't running?

3. I will put 2 CM MasterFlow in the front, do you guys think I should connecting these at the Strix instead?

Thanks for the help and sorry for any mistakes with my english.

Level 15
1. Despite not being PWM, you can still control thei speed.

2. The LEDs should turn on fine.

3. It all depends on the airflow inside your case. Are the CM fans directly sending fresh air to the GPU?

1. So, the Strix work like a Fan Controlling, right?

2. I don't bother if the led turn off with the fans, just want to know specifically.

3. The front fans will be taking air in while the top and rear fans will be exhausting, my question is whether would be better plug my top or front fans on the card.

Thanks for your clarifications.