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[Q] About 980 Strix DCII and GOP

Level 7
Hi everyone! I hope you're all fine. I have some doubts regarding the FastBoot feature. First of all, I have these specs:
Asus Rampage IV Extreme
Intel i7 3930k
Geforce GTX 980 Asus Strix DirectCUII OC
16GB (4x4GB) GSkill RipJawsX 1866 MHz
Corsair GS800


Recently I bought a Windows 10 license to do a fresh install in UEFI mode (forgot to mention that I have an SSD as well). I did the fresh install. I activated every aspect in "Secure Boot" and choose "UEFI" in every option I've got in the BIOS settings, but still I couldn't use the famous "4 seconds" feature that Asus mothers with Windows 8 (or newer I think) has. How can I use this feature? Could it be that "GOP/UEFI" VBIOS is not present on 980s? Could that be that my VGA is not compatible with this feature? Or what should I look at?

It's important to mention that my mobo is updated with the latest version for Windows 10 full compatibility.

Best regards!

Chino wrote:
Did you install Windows en UEFI mode?

Yes sir! Saw the classic UEFI partitions during the installation.