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PSA for Strix 1080ti OC Owners with Hi Temps on how to fix it.

Level 7
Hello there fellow ROG's, this is my first post at this great community.

Recently bought an used Strix 1080ti OC Edition, bought it to a close friend and the card didnt have more than 4 months since purchase. Anyway, the first thing i noticed after installing it on my case was the temps. I know 1080ti's are among the hottest cards and this OC edition even more, but also read on a lot of forums, reddit and youtube videos the average temps people were reporting on this cards and mine, well it was just very very high.

I was averaging 80-84 No less. Having an EXCELLENT cooler design as multiple youtube videos confirm i was certain the problem HAD to be the thermal paste.

After some videos on how to disassemble it -pretty easy!- i got to work on it.

Bought the Cooler Master Maker Nano, so after careful steps, replaced the stock one with this one and it was like a miracle!

Temps stabilized at 73 under FULL load and i mean Core Clock 1960 and Mem clock at 11200 With GPU fans averaging 50-60%

So if anyone has this problem go ahead and try it. On my case seems like the person that worked on my card at Asus placed VERY LITTLE thermal paste, also found a couple of digital prints on the heatsink base (No gloves for Asus workers!? :p)

Hope it helps anyone facing this hi temp problem.

I used THIS VIDEO on how to disassemble the card, just the first 9 minutes as after that this guy installs a Water block, so just check the part on how to open and clean it.

Some Photos here

Level 10
Fan speed is crucial for normal temperatures on so much overclocked GPU.
I think below 70% fan speed customers shouldn't complain on high temperatures.
If temp reach 80C easy on 70-80% fan speed than it's reason to worry.

There is one more problem, most PC cases no matter on number of fans can't get rid of hot air so fast as GPU produce.
Designers of PC case in future should think more to build PC Cases with easy open side panel or at least half of side panel.
That's more efficient than several fans.

Solution is water cooling, AIO systems.
I would never used Air coolerd GPU in closed case.
Because temperatures you see on reviews are on open benchtable not in case.
I was witness that my motherboard temperatures was hoter 12C, processor 15C and GPU 12-13C with side panel than temperatures without side panel with highly overclocked GTX780Ti. And fan worked on 80% only to be playable.
Good thing is because architecture was different, now high temp mean lower speed of GPU/lower clock and because of that I decide to switch to water cooling.
Strix is great for watercooling.