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Problem with RTX4070Ti Strix OC Version

Level 7

Hi I have a Problem with my RTX4070Ti Strix OC, I was wondering why the Card gets reported as a TUF Version...

I checkd the Boostclocks and that also showd that my Card has a Boos of 2760Mhz and not 2790Mhz as advertised

I performed the VGA-Biosupdate that Asus provided for my Card. the .V2 Version. Sadly the original VGA-Bios wasn't saved in the Process.

As i registerd my Card it also reported a STRIX OC via the Serialnumber. but AIDA64 and GPUZ report a TUF Version.

is it possible to get the Original VGA-Bios for my Card with the full Boostclocks?!


The Serialnuber of my Card is : NBYVCM034252W8Z


Level 8


Obtaining the original VGA BIOS for a specific graphics card model, such as the RTX 4070 Ti Strix OC, with the full boost clocks can be a challenging task. The original BIOS for a graphics card is typically provided by the manufacturer, in this case, ASUS for the Strix OC variant of the RTX 4070 Ti.

Here are some steps you can follow to obtain the original VGA BIOS for the RTX 4070 Ti Strix OC with the full boost clocks:

Manufacturer's Website: Check the official ASUS website or the support section for the RTX 4070 Ti Strix OC. Manufacturers often provide BIOS updates and related downloads for their graphics cards.

Contact Manufacturer Support: If the BIOS file is not readily available on the website, you can reach out to ASUS customer support directly to inquire about obtaining the original VGA BIOS for the specific model.

Third-Party GPU BIOS Databases: There are online databases and repositories that host GPU BIOS files. However, it's essential to exercise caution and ensure that any BIOS obtained from third-party sources is legitimate and compatible with your specific graphics card model.

Remember that modifying or flashing the GPU BIOS carries  risks,  hope this helps