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Problem with my new ASUS Strix 1080

Level 7
Hey guys! I just need someone to have a look at a picture of my brand new asus strix 1080.
As I unboxed the card I noticed that it felt a litte loose and wiggly at the front end around where the vrm and VGA ports are located.

*When I looked in through the side of the card I could see that there were no contact between the vrm and the thermal pad om the heatsink.

*Should I return this card? Or is this no problem at all? I am not tech savvy at all 😄

*I asked this question over at another hardware forum aswell, but after some thought I feel I might gave gotten misunderstood

Level 7
Anyone? The card itself runs pretty cool. 63c after 20 minutes of furmark, but I have no way of measuring the vrm temperature.

Level 7
Well if you dont do overclocking, i dont think it will be a big problem. At my 1080ti card there is no cap. But my card is upside down, because i have BTX case.