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Problem with GPU Tweak 2, GTX 980TI and PG348Q NEED HELP ASAP!

Level 7
Hi guys first time post

To keep it quick and simple

My rig is

Corsair 860i PSU
Corsair Braided PSU Cables
Corsair 780T Case
Corsair LED Case Fans 120mmx120mm (x8) + 140mmx140mm led fan (hi air flow quiet edition)
Coolermaster V8GTS GPU Cooler
G-Skill Trident Z 16gb 3200mhz Ram (x2 8gb)
Intel 6700k Skylake (OC 4.5ghz)
Intel 535 Series 240gb SSD
WD 1TB Hardrive
Asus CD Player
Asus ROG z170 Hero Alpha Mobo
Asus Matrix GTX 980TI 6GB GPU
Asus PG348Q Monitor

Now here is my problem, every was working flawlessly, amazing actually. Then i shut down my computer....Came back to my computer a few hours later started it up, waited for everything to load up, which it did fine, then my asus gpu tweak ii loads up (normal), then i click OC on the gpu tweak ii, then all of a sudden my screen dies and says OUT OF RANGE. So i restart the computer, BIOS shows up fine, when it comes to windows it says (OUT OF RANGE)...So i unplug my display port cable from the GPU and plug it into another DP socket on the gpu, the monitor works again, so then i click OC on gpu tweak ii then bang again my monitor goes black and says OUT OF RANGE. So i restart use my 3rd and final display port socket on the gpu everything is working fine, since then i have uninstalled GPU tweak 2, but have 2 dead display port sockets on a $1500AUD gpu.....Does anyone have a fix for this please help me as this is my only computer and i cannot afford to rma my GPU (work) ....I know i know i should have a back up computer but geez my last rig lasted me 8years until all failed when i decided to please any solutiuons

thank you


I have uninstalled gpu tweak 2 and gave my computer a reboot

I got back the 2 display port sockets on the gpu side by side, but the dp socket on its own next the the hdmi socket now says NO SIGNAL...

I have not installed gpu tweak 2 yet...

Another update

I re-installed the latest version of gpu tweak 2....I can toggle back and forth between oc and gaming no problem now

I have the 2 side by side DP ports working no problem

My only problem now is

My DP port far right side next to the hdmi cable shows DISPLAY PORT NO SIGNAL.



Did you used:

ASUS GPUTweakII RemoveTool
ASUS GPU Tweak II Remove Tool could help you uninstall GPU Tweak II completely before update to a new version.

Before you installed the new GPU Tweak II

Level 13
St.Johann is very correct if one does not uninstall GPU Tweak ll before installing a new version u will have issues , here is the link to my Asus Gold20th card u can find The Tweak Removal tool there and a new version of Tweak ll your card uses the same software as mine "Tweak ll and Tweak Removal Tool"

"Out Of Range" is a Tweak Software Issue usually a conflict installing Tweak ll without uninstalling the old software.
If u have a W10 restore point before your issues stated go back to that restore point, if u can , then uninstall Tweak ll with the removal tool , then install the latest version of Tweak ll .
I Always make a Restore Point In Windows before I install any thing just in case there are issues