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Power problem on RTX4090

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Hey everyone, I have a weird situation that I can't manage to fix. I have a Asus rog hero x670E motherboard with a 7950x3D, 64g corsair vengeance 6000mhz, a asus riujin iii 360 rgb and a thor 2 1000w psu. I had a evga 3070 and Everything worked perfectly. Then I bought a 4090 oc rog. First one had no screen and Red led on the supply so I thought it was defective. Got another one and the same problem is here. Either with the adapter with 3 PCIe or with the cable made for the rtx4090 that was in the thor bundle. The gpu seems to be underpowered but I can't manage to understand why. Some People had the same problem ? Btw I update my bios to the la test version. Thanks guys !


Super Moderator

Hi @r1igby 

1. The Thor 2 1000W is bundled with a 12VHPWR connector.

2. Ensure the 12VHPWR connector is fully inserted into the GPU and the power supply unit.

3. If you attempt to use the supplied PCIE-8 pin adapter, the Power LED will remain red when less than 4 8-pin power cables are connected.


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