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Please help: Blinking red power LEDs above Strix 3090 OC PCIe power connectors

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All I could find is that these blinking LEDs indicate 'abnormal power'. My PSU is a Seasonic Prime Platinum 1000W, the pcie cables are three separate (not daisy chained) cables, all properly plugged in at both ends. After being shut down for a while, when started back up, it's a reasonable likelihood the red LEDs above each of the power connectors start blinking forever. If I turn off the system, then switch it off at the wall or at the PSU then drain it (hold the power button on the frontpanel until all the system is fully drained and all LEDs on mobo etc are off), then turn it back on, the blinking LEDs are usually gone.

Any ideas? The PSU is about 2 years old, and the 3090 is obviously brand new, strix OC model.

Wondering if I should approach seasonic for a replacement, or if the LEDs can be triggered by something else, perhaps erroneously even?

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Power Limiting on a 1000Watt PSU with 83A on the 12V-Rail? I dont think so...
Today for example, i start my PC just normal - no red LEDs...

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Sorry for deleted the replied.

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What solved it in my case:
1. Disable ErP in the Mainboard-Bios
2. Turn the PC FIRST on, then the Monitor (works with ErP S4+S5 too)

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I guess I'll make sure to avoid Seasonic powersupplies in the future

I have VERY recently started to get the same issue and it seems very random as well. sometimes it happens on shutdown, other times on monitor sleep, other times on system sleep...

I have tried shutting down, turning off PSU, waiting more than 5 minutes and it still came back with the red LED lights...

M/B: ASUS, ROG Strix X570-E Gaming
GPU: ASUS, ROG Strix RTX 3090 OC, 24GB
PSU: Corsair, AX1600i Titanium

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Make sure you have three separate PCIe power cables coming from the PSU and are not using any Y-cable PCIe power cables going to the 3090 card.

Banditt1976 wrote:
Make sure you have three separate PCIe power cables coming from the PSU and are not using any Y-cable PCIe power cables going to the 3090 card.

As you can see in the video, they are all connected with 3 separate PCIe cables.... to a 1600w PSU...

Here is a funny thing,... at this moment, the RED LED are lit up...

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Thinking out loud about this:

I have just seen this issue on the STRIX 3090 as well. Weird part is it seems to be working fine despite the lights. I am sharing this information because I am wondering if there is a micro spike during waking from sleep or initial powering back on the system that causes the red lights. I was talking to someone at the EK suite this CES with another 7x RTX3090 workstation and was mentioning how a lot of the 1600watt PSU they tested would fail the initial peak because the PSU could not respond fast enough, they only use Corsair and EVGA PSU because of that issue.

Wondering how many of these red lights can be from poor house electricity? I run this system below behind power conditioners and I have seen this red light flashing issue too so not sure.

Don't hate, it is a legit Octane render system but I have four RTX 3090 on one EVGA P+ 1600 (PSU2), three are STRIX black 3090 and one EVGA FTW3 3090, only two flashed but seem to be working normally. The same system has three other white STRIX 3090 on a different 1600watt (PSU1), those were ok. Going to check the GPU BIOS and see if anything comes of this.

One interesting thing to mention, each PSU is behind a tripp lite 1800watt power conditioner as well. SOMETIMES when flipping the switches on the PSU into the on position, the power conditioner on PSU 2 (one with the 4 GPU only) will click to step up voltage. COULD be because that one is on an extension cord into another circuit in my home though. That said, with GPU all set to 80% power, it only draws about 1300-1350watts, 90% about 1450watts, 100% was at 1590watts so that was too close for comfort to finish testing there.

Another interesting thing, I had a defective PSU originally in the PSU 1 position which is motherboard and 3 RTX 3090, that one popped when the system was booting after an initial benchmark run, the PSU was only pulling 1200watt too during the benchmark. I would need at least an analog meter to see any voltage drops and such. These digital ones aren't fast enough.
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I had this problem for the 1st time during the last update of my BIOS at reboot the three red lights were flashing (3080Ti Strix 12Gb-OC) I turned off my pc and just unplugged the power cord for 5 minutes and everything is back to normal, the GPU or PSU is reset correctly.