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nVIDIA GTX 970 Strix RMA'd 3 times, still fan problems!

Level 7
I own an ASUS GTX 970 STRIX Graphics card. Somewhere during the line, it stop displaying. It was still in warranty so I sent it in to ASUS warranty center. They replaced it with a refurbished version which worked, but the left fan had a grinding/rattling noise. ASUS provided a prepaid label to ship it back for replacement again. I got it back after a little over a week, same exact problem (Same fan, same grinding noise, but it was a different card). Once again, I sent it in with ASUS provided prepaid label. A little over a week, I get the replacement back. You guessed it, STILL FAN ISSUES! This time, the right fan always spins very fast and loud, like a jet engine, with random fluctuations in speed (Like it is 80% speed, goes down to 40%, then 90%, then 20%, back to 80%, etc, just at idling at desktop). The left fan doesn't spin at all unless the GPU is under load (The STRIX 970 has a 0 RPM fan mode, so the left fan is operating normally). There is no fan RPM reporting either.

I'm at my wits end. This is the FOURTH video card from ASUS that I am still having issues with. It's been almost 2 months without a factory-condition graphics card. What do I have to do to get a repaired card that operates at normal factory specifications?

Previous RMA numbers in case ASUS watches these forums

RMA #1 USPCK12169
RMA #2 USPCK20777
RMA #3 USPCK30538

Level 8
Whoa, you sent it in three times already and they haven't just given you a refurbished GPU already, I learned my lesson from buying online; certain computer components are just not worth obtaining online, you're better off going In-Store because if you have the receipt they'll just exchange the product with a brand new one and do the RMA themselves.
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