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New ROG Strix 4090 Gaming - Random Display Flickering

Level 7

I've got an LG C3 display, and I just upgraded from a 3090 FE to the Strix 4090 Gaming card. I'm getting sporadic random screen flickering, both in games, and in Windows. A reboot seems to fix the issues for a day or two, but the problem will resurface. I tried replacing the HDMI cable with a high-end HDMI 2.1 certified cable, but the problem persists. I've seen reports of this from other people as well, so I know I'm not alone here, but what is the issue? Gsync issues between the card/display?

Here's another reddit post with somebody with similar setups who tried older drivers, multiple cables, dropping gsync to 8-bit, etc, and nothing seemed to work. He ended up exchanging this card for another FE.

I'd rather not do that. There must be some firmware fix for this at some point??