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new GPUTweak 2 version confusion?

Level 7
What's up with the new weird version of GPUTweak2? (the latest update)

Description: GPUTweak2_Ver1.3.7.0 , update 2016/12/22
Description: GPUTweak2 Ver1.4.0.8, update 2016/11/29
Description: GPUTweak2 Ver1.3.9.7, update 2016/10/19

-- Lob

Level 13
Does seem a bit strange for the version to be back a few but they did skip over 3.7.0. Went from 3.6.0 to 3.9.7 Maybe they made some tweaks to it and found its working better than 4.0.8? Its buggy either way but works somewhat for me. I wish you could just log into the Vbios and enter tweaks without having to flash it. Its a bit messed up that with the so called factory overclocked versions you have to use software to get the overclock! I cant get AB to work for crap for me. Others seem to get better results from it. I enter the same values I get in GPU Tweak and the OC fails 100% of the time.

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