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Mysterious 2080Ti performance drop.

Level 7
Hello all.
Suddenly, out of no where, and for no apparent reason. My Asus Rog Strix 2080 Ti has lost about 25% performance.
I first noticed it last night, my fps in several games was noticeably lower. These are games that I frequently play and am very used to
the performance.

Just a quick example, the old WoW, in dungeons where I always get 100-120fps, I'm suddenly hitting 45-60fps.
Cyberpunk I'm hitting the low 30s indoors where I'm normally 80+

I ran some 3dmarks to test and compared to previous scores I ran two weeks ago.

Before issue:
Timespy 13,130. Graphics 14980
Port Royal 8945

Now with the weird issue:
Timespy 10785, Graphics 11674 :mad:
Port Royal 6430

All drivers are up to date, no hardware changes for over a year. Windows fully updated.
I even rolled back to an older nvidia driver to test, same horrible score.
No thermal issues, my power settings are the same. CPU is boosting correctly, GPU is also running at normal speeds, according to HWmonitor and GPUz.

I'm out of ideas, short of reinstalling windows.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Rest of my system if it matters.
8700k @ 5ghz
Samsung 980 1tb
16gb DDR 3200 14-14-14-34-1t
Asus Rog Maximus X Hero 2503 bios
EVGA 750watt psu
Windows 10 Pro