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My Asus GTX 1070 Stric OC 8Gb is running 5-12c HOTTER - Need advice

Level 8
Here's the situation, my 1070 was great when I first built my PC, wasn't loud, overclocked fine and temps were perfectly fine around 75c with highest stable OC I could get at the start of January.

Forward into February, and lately everything I do that uses my GPU is running between 5-12c hotter in specific cases

For example, my max temp for my highest overclock in Unigine Heaven was 77c. Today it's reaching 83-85c when 100% loaded.
Here's what happened inside my case:
I exchanged my 3x120mm NZXT Stock case fans for 2x140mm Noctua NF-A14s as I felt they'd be quieter and provide just as much airflow.
As of today, I've switched back to my 3x120mm Stock NZXT fans to see if the heat issue was due to Noctuas, it's not. Although, 3x120mm temps are slightly lower in some cases than Noctua 2x140mm.

I did a stock speed test in Unigine Heaven. My 1070 would struggle to hit 70c in that stress test but today, it easily hit 75c no problem. So there is something odd going on and idk what to do.

Other than that, I haven't touched anything else, apart from fortnight dust check and sweep.
I removed my GPU to physically inspect it, and reinserted my GPU to find my temperatures in Unigine Heaven and Overwatch maxed out at 78c under max overclock which is amazing, a 7c drop in temp, however, Far Cry 3 for example is easily exceeding 80c @ 1440p with mix of high/ultra settings.

Which still leads me to think there's an internal issue with the heating or is that normal for far cry 3 to hit 80c @ 1440p, x2 AA, high/ultra settings.

Do you believe there is a fault with my GPU? Is there any areas I don't know about to check before I put in time and effort and lose my PC for a few weeks and send back my GPU?

I'd like to somehow confirm a fault with my GPU before sending it away. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Level 8
Have you tried reapplying thermal paste? Wonder if your thermal paste is going bad. Also any changes to your fan curve?

cljustin wrote:
Have you tried reapplying thermal paste? Wonder if your thermal paste is going bad. Also any changes to your fan curve?

Well, there's an update. I took out my GPU to inspect it and upon putting it back after seeing no physical issues. My unigine and overwatch temps maxed out at 78c under my highest Overcloch which is a 7c temperature drop which makes me believe I slightly nudged my gpu and therfore connection wasn't 100% but still, some games are reaching 80c still...

The issue still stands that I'm reaching over 80c in Far Cry 3 @ 1440p with high/ultra settings.. I believe there is definitely something wrong with the GPU internally, 100% GPU usage is easily hitting 80c,

3DMark benchmark hit 80c, Far Cry 3 hitting 80c. Unigine Heaven and Overwatch don't maintain 100% gpu usage a lot so obviously temps are lower.

As for the thermal paste, I don't dare to take apart my GPU. Way too scared to mess it up but everyone I've made forums on tell me their temps are way lower for same games so there's definitely something wrong.

I haven't touched my fan curves, 50% until 70c, 60% until 80c then its up to 70% after that.. 60% fans become very loud so really like to avoid going higher.

Hi Stewpot

Try setting a fan curve to where the gpu fans are running at 60% when the gpu temp hits 60c.