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MSI RTX 4070 Super DisplayPort issue

Level 9

I have an MSI RTX 4070 Super plugged into an Asus Z790-H motherboard. I have found that when the 4070 has an HDMI cable plugged in linked to my monitor - the motherboard Q-LED indicator for VGA turns off after booting, indicating it's ok. However, if I plug in a DisplayPort cable the motherboard Q-LED indicator for VGA stays on solid white, indicating an error.

This might indicate that it's just a DisplayPort config issue, rather than any faulty hardware.

I downloaded and ran 'NVIDIA_DisplayPort_Firmware_Updater_1.1-x64.exe', but that stated this update did not apply to my GPU.
I re-installed the GPU driver from the GeForce Experience app, still same issue.

I'm not sure what to try next..??


Accepted Solutions

This seems to be working:

Apparently the monitor has to be left on standby. Stupid situation tho.

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Level 9

UPDATE: I didn't have Nvidia Control Panel initialized, so I started it for the first time and the white Q-LED Indicator light stayed off (like it was when the HDMI cable was plugged in). I rebooted the PC to check, and it's still off.

I hope this has fixed the issue.

That did not work - the white VGA mobo light is still on constant.

Any ideas what I can do? I imagine it would be the same whatever DisplayPort cable I use.


This is the cable I'm using. Is it the wrong standard? I have a feeling I need to get a lower spec one:

Newlink 2m Certified DisplayPort V1.4 Cable

This high performance DisplayPort v1.4 (HBR3) certified cable solution for 4K UHD and 8K DisplayPort equipped devices and are ideal for professional graphics applications or high resolution gaming monitors. Approved by VESA for use with 8k@60Hz equipment. 8K has a resolution of 7680 x 4320 and is also known as 4320p and Super Ultra High Definition (SUHD).


• Bandwidth up to 32.4Gbps.
• Resolution up to 8k x 4k@60Hz or 4k@120Hz.
• Support Multi-Stream Transport.
• Support Dynamic HDR.
• VESA Approved.
• DP v1.4 compliant.
• 32AWG.
• Certified Cable.

Put the HDMI cable back in and the white VGA light has gone out again.


Any help appreciated.

This is my monitor's spec: DisplayPort v1.2 x 1

This is my GPU's spec: DisplayPort x 3 (v1.4a)


This seems to be working:

Apparently the monitor has to be left on standby. Stupid situation tho.