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Moving On To Asus Strix OC For Next GPU - Warranty EKWB Install Query

Level 11
Hi All
As I will be moving to Asus Strix for my next and possible long-term supplier of GPU's, im curious if there Warranty policy is ok with replacing stock air coolers with EK Full Cover Water Blocks?

I have been "blocking" my Cards thru the last several generations of GPU's with a previous reputable brand that completely allowed removing the Stock Air Cooler to install a Water Block without voiding the Warranty, is this the case with Asus?

I have been using Asus Motherboards (Extreme / Apex) for the last several generations of Intel chipsets.


Level 10
Technically, at least in US, asus cannot deny a warranty claim if you took the cooler off unless they can prove that taking off the cooler is what caused the failure.

Level 11
ok thanks man.....

Level 13
At least in my area, any screw or part remove from original package consider warranty void.

Level 13
In United States - Your warranty shell not be void if any warranty seals are altered, tampered, or removed.

Enjoy your new Asus Strix OC.

What about in Singapore? Am planning to watercool my card as well.

Level 7
What about in Singapore?*