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Monitor Blanking out in specific situations.

Level 7
HI. I am trying to troubleshoot something and have some data to share and I'm curious to get some help here.

Nvidia drivers are very recent.

I changed 2 things. Moved to an Asus 4080 and main monitor is now a Dell 144hz 4k 32inch. Did this Jan 2nd.
I use a secondary 144hz QHD and a third 60Hz 4k (Cintiq)

Things were going well. First thing I noticed is when I would load up the Unreal Editor the entire Dell would black out entirely and come back. It would do this about 3-6 times per session and then stop and not do it anymore.

FFW a ways and I tried Doom Eternal and I get blackouts while playing. The game is still going and you are still playing but screen goes black and comes back.

The first time this happened Doom Eternal crashed and a green line showed up on the Dell! This is monitor, verified, and I have a replacement coming.

My tests are this.
Doom Eternal 4k, 144hz Dell, Full settings (including Ray Tracing) 60-65ctops - Lots of blacking out
Doom Eternal 1440(on the 4k), 144hz Dell, Full settings (including Ray Tracing) 57c tops - No blacking out
Doom Eternal 4k, 144hz Dell, Full settings (TURNED OFF Ray Tracing) 57-62c tops - Blacked out once early on then didn't at all

Doom Eternal 1440 native LG. 144hz. Full settings (including Ray Tracing) - ~55-60c tops Never blanks out. Acts great.
Doom Eternal 4k Native Cintiq. 60hz. Full settings (including Ray Tracing) ~50-55c tops - Never blanks out. Acts great.

Grounded 4k Highest settings I get about 80FPS. No blanking out or issues at all. ~60-65c tops.

My question is. Is this likely just the monitors fault. Its blacking out in certain situations?
Could this be the 4080 card doing this in very specific situations. It seems that heat shouldn't be it. 65 should not be the culprit right?

I am using the Dell cable (proper cable) and I cant imagine thats it but may be I need to re-seat it. When the new monitor comes I'll be naturally swapping all that out and try to make sure its properly in the video card. But I dont understand why 4k Grounded is fine but 4k Doom is not.

Level 7
Ok my latest test was to shut off GSync.
The Dell G3223Q claims to be a FreeSync monitor with legit GSync support.
I shut it off entirely and Unreal didn't black out at all and the Doom test that blacked out a ton was 100% fine (4k/Raytracing etc..)

I am seeing a thread on Reddit where somebody claims to have similar issues on this same monitor.

The line in the monitor is a total coincedence. Or could it be that the gsync/Doom crash etc... could cause the monitor to break and have a line in it? I would think not but I don't exactly know.

Level 9
I hate to say it, but it may be Driver or OS related. Hell, could even be GPU issue at this point. I am having the same symptoms on my Strix 4090 with a different monitor. I am going to try something later today that might help which would be disabling hardware accelerated gpu scheduling.

Level 7
What is related to that? The blacking out or the broken monitor?
I figured out the blacking out. That is from the gsync. After flashing the monitor update it fixes it. No issues. Also disabling Gsync fixed it.

The monitor breaking the first time I tired Eternal (and it crashed. never crashed after that) is a mystery to me. The monitor legit has a vertical thin line in it now and I didn't do anything at all. It worked good for may be 1.5-2 weeks and then that line out of nowhere. So far i'm calling it a coincedence and the monitor is bad because nothing online is really indicating that my PC would jack up my monitor like that. I think it would have to be some sort of power related thing through the cable???? I don't even know. Luckily I have a new replacement coming as the monitor is brand new. I got it and installed same time as the 4080.