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Matrix Platinum 980ti - Display errors, device errors

Level 7
Hi, specs right off the bat...

Asus Rampage V Extreme - latest bios (updated yesterday)
i7 5960x
Corsair 850i PSU
780ti Refrence (what im trying to replace)

So, right off the bat ill say i have no problems with my 780ti card. I was passing through the states, stopped at a Micro Center to take
advantage of an open box price on the Matrix card. The salesman told me not to worry, all cards returned are sent back to Asus to verify
they are in proper working order. Yesterday, finally back home in Canada, i go to install the new 980.

-remove 780
-install 980, using 2 seperate power cables to the PSU (not 1 cable using both pci plugs at the end as i had before with the 780)
i did NOT use the power cables included in the box (2x 8pin split to 2 6pin). theyr pretty short, so just use the lines direct
from the PSU.
-red power lights turn white, i figure this means power is properly attached
-power on system, fans spin, LED side light lights up
-get thru POST, see ROG screen to enter bios, and i start seeing this (image pulled from google just as a reference)...


-i thought its because i dont have the drivers in yet. so in to windows, uninstall Geforce Experience, to be safe, and download and install
newest from nvidias site.
-reboot, same lines over ROG logo, and windows logo, back into windows, resolution at 800x600. windows doesnt seem to want
to recognize the card. geforce experience keeps trying to download and update new drivers every time i reboot.

-i have 2 dell 24" monitors. 1 was plugged into the dvi port, the other was plugged into a displayport via a dvi adapter. this screen
wouldnt come on at all. it was always stuck in standby mode. so displayport didnt seem to be working
-device manager shows yellow triangle and says device reported an error
-tried poking around in bios and googling, but nothing immediately helpful

-removed 980, reinstalled 780, all is well, both screens work (via the dual dvi ports), no lines on the screen. the gefore experience drivers
installed from trying to get the 980 to work are running the 780 just fine.

had a good look at the 980 just to see if i could see anything obvious, like damage, but nothing caught my eye.

called Asus tech support this morning and the guy told me it was the screens, not the card, because i was running the card out into screens
that had a lower resolution than the MAX resolution of the 980. nowhere on the box does it say your monitors need to be capable of
displaying the max res, so i think thats a BS answer. he said he would provide me with an RMA if i wanted, but from what thinks, its a
monitor issue. and again, to me that makes no sense.

my only route if i cant get it working is RMA as i cant take the card back to where i bought it in the states.right now my plan is to
take it to a friends place and test in his system as he has a nearly identical build to mine, and is running another 980 card in his,
though i think its an evga model. either way, its the only further test i can do.

i also read that GPU tweak can update the bios on the card, but i havent tried that yet. when i had the card installed and was getting the
lines, i hadnt installed GPU Tweak at that point, so i would have to take everything apart again and reinstall the 980 before trying that.
right now i think i would like to hear peoples opinions before i go doing anything else.

hoping someone has some good news for me! thanks all.

Hi Eikonic

I have the matrix platinum 980 Ti and it's an awesome gpu and could be even more awesome with a waterblock to unlock the voltage for extreme overclocking. Seeing what your seeing I would say it's either a faulty gpu or faulty monitor cable, try not to use any adapters if possible.

Level 7
thanks nate. no choice on the adapter. with 2 dvi monitors, i need to at least use 1.

UPDATE: went to try on my buddies system (x79, with a 4930), and had basically the exact same expereince as i have on mine. white lines while booting,
and colored lines in windows with limited resolution. device manager saying there was an error.

so that leads me to believe its the card, not a cable, or a monitor, or the motherboard, or something else.

unless anyone has another suggestion of something on the card i might try...?

I will agree it's the gpu since you get the same thing on your friends pc, get in touch with Asus's RMA department ASAP.

Level 7
oy... will call tonight.


Level 7
recieved a new card back from asus. put it in and it works no problem.

slight side issue that maybe someone will know about. i had installed GPU Tweak, to monitor the card. i had it open, and accidentally adjusted 1 of the overclock sliders. so, to easily set it back, i just thought to press the "default" button at the bottom. well i did, then both my screens went blank. i pressed reset on the system, and the screens stayed off, but i heard the windows sound, so i knew something was up. swapped dvi over to my 780ti (which is stil plugged in) and i could see the desktop. powered off, pressed safe mode, powered back on, and everything was fine. another power cycle to REMOVE the safe mode button, and its fine again.

so, long story short, why did pressing "default" in gpu tweak seemingly stop the card from outputting to the screen temporarily?