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Matrix 980ti Bios Flashback and Safe-mode Issues

Level 7
Hi guys, i have two 980ti Matrix platinums and i am trying to reset their bios's to factory - I am having issues where the power limit is set to "0000" and is not adjustable.

I am doing this one card at a time.

I have pressed the safe-mode button on shutdown but when i get into windows and open GPU Tweak it opens, displays the "do you want to reset your GPU?" dialogue and then instantly closes before i can do anything. not allowing me to rollback to the factory BIOS.

Is there a fix for this?

I've tried uninstalling all nvidia software and GPU tweak and starting again with different versions but no joy 😞

I am currently stuck with two cards in safe-mode!

Level 7
Ok so one of the cards randomly booted out of safe mode so I can use it at least. though I'd still like to do flashback on it.

when I open gpu tweak the power target is 0000 and cannot be changed and also the bios burn button does not work when I try it.

Anyone got any ideas on the power target being 0000?

really bugging me as I cannot go above stock without crashes

Level 7
hmm so it seems this card has corrupt power tables?

I've been digging around in nvflash and its saying pp0 does not exist?

the card works fine until I try to raise the powerlimit above 100.

newer gpu tweak vertions show it as 0000 and I cannot adjust it. older vertions I can adjust it but as soon as I click apply the card crashes with no signal until I do a full power down.

does anyone have any experience with restoring a gpu to its factory setup?

I'm talking not just bios / eprom but the whole thing including inform mcu etc.