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Matrix 580 small flicker/low detail graphics

Level 7
Hey guys,my first post here 🙂
I recently built a new rig;
i5 2500k
8GB Vengeance 1600MHz RAM
ASUS 580 Matrix platinum
Corsair HX 850

And I've experience some small texture flickers/quality problems in some games such as Crysis 2/Shogun (In other games like Metro and COD4,it's fine),here is what I'm talking about
1)With everything maxed out,the shadows don't look great

2)Here is the small texture flickering

It doesn't happen all the time,but sometimes I see things like this happening in smokes,trees and walls.

My guess is that it's a driver issue,thoughts ?
P.S,I enabled V-sync and it got better but not completely fixed.

Level 11
Id be thinking drivers, if they are the latest. Im getting some here and there. id just enjoy your new card and blame nvidia drivers for flicker, latest drivers are said to be abit off.

Level 7
maziar, just enjoy your games! it's just little flickerings. I have worst flickerings and I run 2 matrix 580 platinum . I know it shouldn't be there but what can you do and unless you went looking for small flicker like the one in your video, should be unnoticeable.

Level 7
Thanks for the replies.
I also thought it's a driver issue but a friend of mine has a GTX 570 and doesn't get this flickers.
However,I tested DeusEX and Driver today and didn't notice any flickers whatsoever.
Guess it's either a game engine problem or a driver problem as mentioned.
Anyway,thanks guys 🙂

Level 7
I really am beginning to think that it may not be a driver issue.
Tested JC2,AVP and got flickers in both.
Here is another vid in Crysis 2 and ME2