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Low FPS while gaming in full-screen mode

Level 7
Hello There!

The title says it all. When my games/benchmark softwares are running in windowed mode I'm getting at least 120FPS but when I go full screen my FPS is at most 50.


  • STRIX GTX1080 (Non OC)
  • I7-6700K (At Stock @4200MHz)
  • PG348Q connected through DP cable at 100Hz

I tried turning off GSync through nvidia control panel but it didn't help at all. If I enable gsync in windowed mode also, I'm still getting 100FPS while running games
or heaven in windowed mode, however in the moment I go full screen either gsync or not FPS stays 50. GPU/CPU clocks are the same as in windowed mode. Light on
monitor RED when gsync on WHITE when it's off. What am I missing here as it really seems to be a configuration issue to me.

Driver version is the latest: 372.70

Level 8
If I'm not mistaken, windowed mode will always display more fps than full screen mode, it happens to me too. It makes sense if you think about it.

Yeah sounds about right.

People are reporting the same thing with that monitor. It's a very demanding monitor. I stayed away from curved monitors for that reason.
I was very close on getting one my self.

check @ 7:25 for the fps

Don't feel too bad, even though I got a 144Hz 1440p panel with a gtx 1080, it's still not enough for the program that i use. I'm planning to get
a Asus GTX 1070 Strix for physx and shadowplay duties. Ugh never ending consumerism