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Looking For Updated vbios for Strix 4080 OC

Level 8
Hey there. As stated, I am looking for the updated vbios for my Strix 4080 OC. An updated vbios is listed for the regular version, the TUF versions, and the 'white' version of my card. However, nothing is listed for mine. In fact, there is barely a listing at for the 4080 OC. Should I just use the one under the 'white' 4080 OC as they are effectively the same card?


Thank you. I actually found it just before checking back. Think I must have hit my head before or something. ?;- )

Nate152 wrote:
Hello InternetOwl,

Click the link below and select Windows 11, under Bios, you should see the bios update tool for your ROG Strix 4080 OC.

Thank you Nate152 for the link. Stay well.