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Looking for GTX660TI BIOS

Level 7
Hi guys,
I have discovered yesterday there is a vBIOS update on ASUS's support page (and there: for my 660Ti OC card so I have updated it successfully in hope for better performance.
The bad side of it that the card now doesn't ever uses Boost so the GPU's speed is only going up to 967Mhz only.
I have tried Battlefield 3-4, Counter-Strike Global Offensive and The Crew too with no luck.
The card is just not even using Boost even on 99% GPU load.

My bad I haven't made a backup of my old vBIOS so I am asking you guys does anyone has a 660Ti DC2-OC with the following BIOS?

80.04.6F.00.16 (P2004-0001)

I have found my old GPU-Z Validation:

Also I have removed the driver and ASUS GPU Tweak too and cleaned the system with the latest DDU from safemode and reinstalled the driver but it still doesn't Boosts and the Vcore is only going up to 1,037v instead of 1,175v.
Some more information: GF Experience telling me that my GTX660Ti doesn't supports ShadowPlay (??), the Power Limit slider is gone from ASUS GPU Tweak and I am unable to modify it even in MSI Afterburner.
Furthermore the Power Consumption that tells the TDP usage is missing from GPU-Z's Sensor page.

If you have any ideas or the mentioned vBIOS feel free to tell me 😄
Thanks for reading, have a nice day and Merry Christmas even that is a bit too late.
Regards, regener

Level 13
not sure if this is what u are looking for? type model # of your card in the box for the driver if its an asus card same with link above

I have updated to the linked bios (not the UEFI one, the normal one) and I have the error since it, I'm looking for my old bios correctly and I hope someone has it on his GPU and would save it down (GPU-Z can do that) then give it to me 😄

Also some news: Memory overclocking is working but GPU core still doesn't, I have set a new default core clock and it uses it but still no Boost applied.

Level 7
No one has the vBIOS that I had?

Also why isn't the default (older, that was shipped with) vBIOS is avaible for cards to be downloaded for that kind of problems?

Level 7
Bump again...