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Issue with Thunderbolt Daisy Chain and Secondary Monitor after GPU Upgrade to 4000 series

Level 7

Recently had installed an asus brand Proart 4070 TI from a founder's Nvidia 3080 TI and after installation my secondary monitor is not being picked up by my secondary monitor now. Currently running it on a proart z690 board and the monitors were both fine before. Have dual Benq 2725U monitors but it does not seem to be the issue. The thunderbolt control panel even has them both displayed and shows them plugged in. Another caveat is the motherboard came with a DisplayPort-to-DisplayPort cable that allows for the gpu to interface with thunderbolt connection which is what I currently use to get at least one of the two displays (either one will connect). I also tried a different connection, with an HDMI cord and ran one via thunderbolt and this was the only way to get them both to work at the same time. Can someone help with troubleshooting on this matter please