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Is my STRIX 980 faulty? 0db fans doesn't work at idle

Level 7
I have relatively good airflow in my system (140mm intake fan, 120mm exhaust, tons of ventilation).

My problem is that my STRIX 980 doesn't stay under 65 degrees at idle. So every minute or so it peaks above 65, the fans kick in (albeit at low RPM) then ramp back down until it's at about 50 degrees, then stop. This then repeats, over and over and over, while I'm using the PC for browsing, video watching and so on.

The only time the "0db technology" actually works is if the screen is in standby (idle). This allows it to stay under 65 degrees with no fan. But even running Aero makes it slowly creep over 65 and make the fans run.

Granted, I run my desktop 2560x1440 at 144 Hz - I haven't tested it at 1080p. But I wonder if my passive cooling is optimal or if anyone else is experiencing this. It's supposed to stay under 65 during "light gaming" or video watching yet mine can't just running the desktop.

Otherwise the card is a good performer (120% power, +170 core, +400 memory for me) and heavy gaming is in the mid to high 70s, so load temps are good.

Level 7
I think from other threads this is a due with a bug of clocks not going down at 144 Hz. I'm pretty sure my 680 GTX did not have this problem, but it seems more like a driver than a card fault? Or could it be fixed by the BIOS?

Level 7
Hmmm I have the 980 Strix with the RoG Swift in WQHD resolution and the fans never seem to ramp up.... I suppose my gpu temps on idle seem to hover around 40-48..

Level 15
With an adequate airflow in your case, the Strix 980 hardly goes over 65C when idle or when it is put under a light load.

Darkfalz is correct, this is centered on the failure of the cards to downclock to the 135mhz idle speed and instead sit at the 996 or 1088 mhz speed. When it stays at the elevated speed, it also stays at elevated voltage, leading to the intermitent fan activity.

It is tied to the setting the Nvidia graphics panel about power managment being set to adaptive or max performance.

Additionally, there is an effect on the clock state by using 144hz vs 120 vs 60.

I have not yet figured out why some people at 120 hz get 135mhz and others do not, but my system sometimes drops to 135, other times it does not....

Officially blaming .... AMD.... why? Just because.