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Is my 3090 card still going to work?

Level 8
Got a Strix 3090 and for my new build I decided I wanted to try water cooling.

The GPU water block I got is the Corsair XG7 Strix model.

The disassembly of the card went fairly well, but when I was taking the heatsink off of the pcb, there is a cable and header that goes from the board to the factory RGB of the heatsink/fan assembly, and the header's socket broke off from the pcb. 😞 Some of the solder came off with the socket as well.


Was thinking it may not be an issue since maybe the card would see it just as if nothing was plugged in to the socket. But now I'm worried that maybe there's some kind of "check" in the card that will throw up a flag that either something is broken there, a circuit isn't connected, or something is unplugged and keep the card from working properly. I know that opening up the card voids the warranty. But I'd hate to think I'm out the crazy amount of money I paid for this thing.

Anyone had a similar experience with this header breaking off, or know if the card will still operate in this condition?