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Inexpensive Liquid-Cooled Graphics Cards

Level 8
Do inexpensive liquid-cooled graphics cards exist?

I've seen a closed-circuit PNY GTX 580 card that was liquid-cooled, but are there any cards a little more value focused, like a GTX 560Ti card with liquid-cooling out of the box?

I want to run a single card, love to liquid cool it and the CPU, but would rather have the convenience of a closed circuit system than the complexity and cost of a custom liquid cooled system.

Appreciate any thoughts and observations.
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Level 10
I haven't seen any 560Ti water-cooled right out of the box and finding the block and back-plate is challenging to boot.

If I remember correctly the 560 block and plate will not line up correctly so you will have to find a setup for a 480 card but it could be different if you have a reference card or an ultra and some like the 448 core 560Ti cards are actually based on the PCB from the 570/580 cards.

So, if you do decide to put one together be sure to do all your research prior to ordering the parts.

Sorry I cant be more help, I was looking at cooling a couple of my 560Ti cards but decided I might have better luck at winning the lotto than finding the correct components.

Level 8
Thanks, this is helpful and consistent with my research to date.

It's moving well past the value-priced card segment to liquid-cool graphics cards, and therefore custom liquid-cooling tends only to be applied to the highest performing cards available and cooling components for value cards less available.

Even ASUS's graphics card options are all air-cooled, and focus instead on enthusiast features and class-leading performance, rather than cooling options.

Liquid cooling doesn't seem to be a value option at all, even in a more accessible closed-circuit packaged version.
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Level 8
I'm sure someone on these forums modded a H80 cooler for their card , I just can't find it