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I Want to buy a 4090 Asus Strix, the problems has been fix?

Level 7

Hi guys, i have something from asus more then 10 years, i want to buy the Strix 4090 but my concern is:
Is there still problems with Bios? Blackscreen, drivers, power supply issues, power management , coil whine fans, card dying after some weeks and so on? The cracked pcb is not a problem to me, eigher cable fire, cuz i know that is avoiadable, but those random black screen etc worries me
I saw lots of foruns etc but is too old and without any good solution.

If i buy a Strix 4090 now, do i'll get the same chance to have all those random bios etc problems?

MB Asus x670e Gene
64gb g.skill
r9 7950x3d


Level 8

i think newer models usually improve upon past issues like BIOS and driver problems. Still, there might be initial glitches, mostly fixable through updates.

Make sure your power supply meets the GPU's needs and check for compatibility with your motherboard and components. Research recent user experiences and warranty coverage to feel more secure about your purchase.

While no product is flawless, newer versions often tackle past problems. Just keep an eye on updates and reviews for peace of mind.

Super Moderator

I've had my TUF 4090 OC since launch day with zero issues. Don't recall ever receiving a black screen outside of updating the drivers 😄.

As above, be sure your PSU meets requirements, as these cards can pull in excess of 450w. It's worth noting that you can comfortably limit the card lower than this (320w) and lose very little performance.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Level 7

Thank you for the reply guys, my PSU is a 1250w so it should be fine, i'll try Strix then! By glitchs you mean the "idle max power thing" and the "8x - 16x pcie"? I think is a no problem, i wish just to know all the know issues and "glitches" before getting a headache with something unknown. Simplying, is there a know issue that's still persist?

One last thing, there are some "unique feature" that remains in that card? Some problem that only asus strix have it or something like that?