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High idle GPU/Memory clock and idle temperatues

Level 7
I have recently purchased a GTX 980 STRIX 4GB and a ROG SWIFT.

I have noticed that when the display is set to 144Hz on the desktop, the card will not throttle down properly.

The core is at 949MHz and the memory is at the full 7012MHz. Idle temperatures are OK unless I have just come out of a game and then due to the lack of throttling and the 0dB fan, they seem to get stuck around the 60C mark.

If I lower the refresh rate to 120Hz, everything clocks down just fine (135/648MHz) and the temperatures of course improve.

I'm hazarding a guess at this being an NVIDIA driver issue but is anyone else seeing this?



Level 15

Can anyone from Asus confirm this is normal? I believe it acts like a multi monitor setup would do but it's the high memory clock that stands out more so for me.


Interesting. This could be why my 980 is not staying under 65 browsing the desktop, meaning the fans are spinning up. Why is it doing it at 144 and not 120 Hz? This is clearly a driver bug! Probably needs to be reported to NVIDIA. I think I might set the desktop to 120 Hz until it is fixed.

Yes my 144hz monitor is making it clock at around 1177 Mhz and idle at 939 Mhz. I assumed it was because I am using a display port. Moment I removed the display port it instantly went down to 135 Mhz. I deducted this problem is coming from DP as this problem does not occur in HDMI or DVI. I believe it is because display port runs native at much higher resolutions and refresh speeds that nVidia's drivers are not compensating for. I guess they just assumed if this guy is using DP obviously he bought a 4k Monitor, and ramps up our STRIX, Poseidon, or Matrix.

With higher clock speeds what happens is that your GPU is CONSTANTLY working, meaning your idle temps are going to be ridiculously high. By default on GPU Tweak by Asus the fans turn on at 61C, meaning your idle temp is going to be 60C which I think is basically slow roasting the paste inside your card. I do not condone slow roasted anything unless they are meat and not humans. I suggest we file this analysis to nVidia and hope the next beta/released driver can fix the DP compensation.

Level 7
Same here, using the ROG Swift @ 120hz so GPU dosn't roast...

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GTX 970 30c idle in windows (stock cooler with only one fan spinning), 62c MAX when gaming Titanfall for 2 hours overclocked (not a Asus or EVGA card)

Isnt Maxwell just great, and Haswell.. Best hardware ever!! Bang for the buck and massive performance, while being extremely stable, and easy OC

What do you guys do with your cards to get them that hot?



Level 15
Easy solution: Use GPU Tweak to edit the GPU fan profile and have the fans come on at a lower temp.

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Rep you Myk