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Help! Strix 960 running at 1418MHz... Did not consciously move anything...

Level 8
Sup people,

So, yesterday I started to notice my card's GPU clock was at 1418MHz. According to the specs, it should be 1253MHz, boosting to 1317MHz. I stopped and checked if there was a similar case, but I couldn't find it, and I'm like starting to get worried because, I mean, it's 100MHz over the boost clock. When I open GPUTweak, I get all the normal numbers, everything default but the fans, which I manually configured with steps to keep it even cooler, even with only one stock fan on the case, it tops 62 C in the heaviest scenes and I can't even hear the fans, but the monitor shows GPU clock at 1418MHz. Purchased it new less than a month ago and it runs everything I throw at it at 60fps at high, most times ultra 1080p settings.

The card is an ASUS STRIX GTX 960 4GB OC DirectCU II.

Any advice? Will my card burst in flames if I keep playing? I'm just wondering if it could have something to do with GPUTweak, or that Dual Intelligent Processors thing which I haven't touched either.

Thanks in advance. Keep up the gaming!

Level 7
Hi, it is normal, nothing wrong of this.
Because of "GPU boost 2.0", the GPU will overclock itself if the temp is low.
Because of the "0db fan system", when the GPU is lower than 6xC, the fan will not spin.
It is alright to have the GPU lower than 80C, so 62C is definitely not a problem.

Hope this help you!
You can find the information about your Strix GTX 960 in Nvidia and ASUS websit.

Hey hansonboy1,

Thanks for replying to a very old post! Appreciate it. Took a while to find out it was normal, never knew why thou. Didn't know it was the GPU Boost thing, I can't understand why Nvidia would market it's product as one with lower specs, weird.

Anyway, thanks man. I am kind of less worried now 🙂