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Help.. Constant EVGA GeForce 2080Ti card failures, artifacts, memory missing, low res

Level 7
I really need some help, I've been a Pc builder for over 10 years but I've never seen anything like this before. I am now in the process of RMAing my 3rd EVGA GeForce 2080Ti Black Edition graphics card in a row.

Having build my Pc (spec below) all working fine for over year then black screen instant power off mid game and after that weird screen artifacts (like space invaders), device manger 43 errors and could only get lowest resolution. Did all the software first, display driver uninstaller, reinstalled windows, flashed bios even built another PC to test and confirmed hardware fault. RMA second card lasted a day and same issue with GPU-Z reporting no memory see screenshots.

Took all parts out and cleaned motherboard, reinstalled and fitted a brand new PSU using two separate PCI power cables, different monitor, different cables. 3rd card installed and instant fail, stuck on low resolution and no memory detected by GPU-z.

Here is the thing, every time I put my old graphics card GTX 460 back in the the system works perfectly with no issues, drivers installed games played fine. - any ideas/suggestions. There are many videos/you tubes about these card failing but 3 in a row? what can even cause that? Its been over two months now and im just lost... any thoughts, constructive help would be massively appreciated..

ASUS X299 Strixx MB, Intel Core i9-9900x, GSkill Trident mem, ASUS ROG 850W PSU, AGON 35" ultrawide monitor,