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Gtx780ti Matrix high temps

Level 7
So I pick up one of these today, awesome looking card good performer but....

The stupidly high temps I'm getting concern me, I hit 81c in Metro LL benchmark and 35 minutes of Watch_Dogs, ambient temps are 22c (winter here).
I created a custom fan profile with an increased fan speed (60%@70c) and temps dropped to 76/78c.

Also when the fans hit 70% the rear fan makes a whine/hum (the one with the extra layer of fins), which stops at 85%

Are the temps and noise normal??

I have a Phanteks Enthoo Primo case with front and bottom 140mm intakes, 1 140mm rear exhaust with a H110 in pull (top mounted) for the CPU, plenty of air flow.

Level 7
before anything, let me say that there are only 2 ways to solve this, these ways are 100% proven (and all other fail!)
1 _ ONLY TEAKING THE FAN PROFILE _ (what you found on your own)\

Thats It!

lets see... hm... you said
The stupidly high temps I'm getting concern me

ha.. you really wonat to be scared? ... measure the VRM temps when your core is hitting 80c. (i promise you you'll become paranoid!)
seriously now, just google "780Ti very High Temps".

after you got scared, there are some good news (or facts) that will ease your mind.
1 _ this is ASUS! _ (just look up the specs of the PCB, our ASUS can handle it, it is the best design in the world!)
2 _ very.. very thick PCB! (some reviewer said 15 layers)
3 _ asus placed 10 PHASES ON THE PCB ׂ(think this is why all the heat) _ but since THIS IS ASUS, they MADE SURE the CRAD CAN HANDLE IT!

there are a lot of facts and speculations out there,
this is what iv learned on the heat issue on the 780Ti's:
this Core was made to be free! it was made for the win, and for that, i believe the 780Ti should have been released with at least a hybrid cooler.
the 780Ti SHINE under water, but under the fan.. its a diffrant animal.
ºi7-4790k, ºZ97-A, º4x4GB Ripjaws X 1600mhz, ºASUS GTX 780Ti OC [DC2OC] ºCorsair GS700, ºCM 690 IIIº LG E2241T ºWin 7 Ulti' SP1 x64

Level 7
Thanks for your reply.
I've actually been through 3 different brands of GTX780ti's, First was Gigabyte, 2 had to be RMA due to the artifacting bugs in 3D Mark 11 and a couple of other games.
This was the OC Windforce edition, and I never saw temps over about 73c
Second I tried was the Asus DCUII, this card had a wicked buzz when under full load, and like you said the VRM temps were high, like 123c high, I spoke to Asus support who said there was a problem with the card, so I RMA'd that one, second one was no different, so it was returned and I got a Galaxy GTX780ti Hall of Fame edition.

That card was very cool, never went over 68c with its 2.5 slot cooler and has the same clock speeds as the Matrix.
Problem again with this card was the incredible loud buzzing under load, that was RMA, the second one was just faulty, artifacts in Wolfenstien and Watch_Dogs.
So I got a eVGA Classified, thought stuff it I'll get the big boy, No buzz, fairly cool, still hit 79c but it had a more aggressive default fan profile and was much louder.
3 days later, grinding fan noise with a high pitch whine. RMA time.
All this was tested in multiple systems including the brand new 4790k build, so its not "my system" like I keep getting told.

So now I got the Matrix, no coil whine, fast and stable. But the temps surprised me a little after seeing the reviews (and its more than one) not braking 70c.
This was the main reason I bought it, the claims of cool and quiet..

Now the stock fan profile does keep the card quiet, as anything over 70% and the fan whines/hums, but stops at 85% whether its the design of the new dual fin fan doing it I don't know. I just don't remember the DCUII making that noise.

I've spoken to another guy who actually owns the card an he has the same temps and fan whine at 70%, but the Nvidia set 85c temp before throttling is a concern seeing there is now 2 of us nearly hitting that temp. Strangely he is in the middle of summer with 32c ambient, I'm in winter last night it was 22c inside and I still hit 81c in Metro LL.

I like the Matrix, I finally got a card with no noticeable issues (besides a fan whine, which could be normal and heat).
Would love to water cool, but Asus stopped me doing that with the warranty sticker on the heat sink screw.

Level 7
if only asus installed the 3-slot cooler on these ones..
all my cards were asus's (maybe a gigabyte 9500gt at one time for physx),
i never ever had any issues with asus GPUs! no noise, not heat, nothing unexplained.
i never needed to monitor asus hw.
only the latest 780Ti. _ i have to monitor and followup.
after i set up fan profile, the core never go above 85c and the VRM never go above 93c.
watch dogs vrm on 90c
bf4 the vrm also on 90-93
this is the profile i use;

ºi7-4790k, ºZ97-A, º4x4GB Ripjaws X 1600mhz, ºASUS GTX 780Ti OC [DC2OC] ºCorsair GS700, ºCM 690 IIIº LG E2241T ºWin 7 Ulti' SP1 x64

Level 7
I think we spoke over on the Geforce forums before, but that was about a Gigabyte GTX780ti...

I've created a custom profile, Increasing the fan profile 5%, so the fans run at 60%@70-80c dropped the temps to 77c in the Metro LL benchmark, but its right on that threshold before the whine/vibrations kick in.
Yes I said vibrations, if you put your finger on the motherboard's heat sink you can feel it, same with the pc case near the gpu and the GPU shroud itself, it only starts when you get to about 64% fan, at 70% you can hear it until you get to 85% then they stop.

I'm guessing that's why Asus opted for the 55% fan at 80c, it's not just mine someone else has heard it too over 60%, but not after 80%+

On the Matrix you can't monitor VRM temps at all, well mine aren't showing up in GPU-Z.

Prior to my dark venture into GTX780ti's I had 2 Asus DCUII GTX670's in Sli, no heat, no noise awesome cards.
Miss the days when things were built properly.

yes now after looking at your username i do remember.
i tell ya, for over a month, i diged and duged (ha, remember dig-dug game), anyway, i looked for a peaceful place inside of me that will let me live in peace with my card, i think i am at that place and i got there only after accepting that this is good as it can get for the 780Ti (on fans at least).
since its summer now and you cant measure your vrm, ill tell you how main is working.
usualy during day when its hot, the par between the core and the VRM is 18º-20º _ (core 70º = vrm 90º)
in the evening it gets down to 15º between them.
the lowest par iv measured during load was 10º to 12º (core 75º = vrm 85º)
dont know how better the matrix is but i saw those temps in a lot of 780Ti-DC2OC.
i saw that temp target is 82º for the dc2OC (and that means 95º-100º on the VRM), i cant live with that, thats why the fan profile.
im just waiting for the GTX880 to see if its faster then 780Ti (though i doubt it). i dont like the maxwell, i rather wait for the VOLTA (pascal with stacked ram) But the Heat issue is really annoying so ill just have to wait and whats up.
i never told this to anyone or spoke about it but the heat on the asus780Ti...... made me upgrade my whole PC without being aware to fact im buying new stuff for better air-flow, steady power and what not.. just cause i thought i can control the 780ti heat with the DC2.
ºi7-4790k, ºZ97-A, º4x4GB Ripjaws X 1600mhz, ºASUS GTX 780Ti OC [DC2OC] ºCorsair GS700, ºCM 690 IIIº LG E2241T ºWin 7 Ulti' SP1 x64

Its winter here, and I'm still getting stupid temps.

You've got the GTX780ti DCUII right?
I had one of them in the beginning, I contacted Asus about my VRM's hitting 124cm they claimed it wasn't normal so I returned it.

Just flicked another email to support, with all the claims of lower temps on the Matrix 81c can not be right.
And the awful humming and vibrations from the fans at higher RPM, makes it hard to create a more aggressive fan profile.

Getting rather annoying, constant RMA's since January on GTX780ti's, maybe I should of went to AMD (nah...)..

Level 7
waw, since jan.. waw thats ... not nice at all.
i dont believe there is a 780ti dc2oc with normal temps (no mater what asus say). its the design and engineering of the card.
cards with lower temp are cards that the vrm sits clot closer to the edge.
its powerful , but it needs a really good cooler.
i mean the default clock is ..885mz (i think), the dc2oc is setting to 1020 on boost (thats 1070mz on gpu-z). so im guessing its reflecting on the temps.
the lower clock i can tune to is 920mz, that only lowered the temps in 3c.
man.. i tried so many ways cooling the card. i bought 2 scythe typhoon 5000rpm and directed them from any side i could think of, and if you would have seen the air their producing you would have been sure that its gonna do the work. it dident.. cryin out loud.
the only way to keep the vrm temps cool is to keep the core cool.
people suggested me the evga classi'. i tried the "dual classified"... it was very loud. (and hot)
asus is the quite one from all of them.
if you wont get used to the noise then maybe you should consider some other option.
im sitting about 1 meter from the case and the only time the noise (i used to say anoyed me but now its) is chatching my ear, is when its getting to 90%.
i really wish you find a solution for this issue. the matrix is the best of the best. if ill stay with this card after the gtx880, ill probably look for a 3 slot fan.
ºi7-4790k, ºZ97-A, º4x4GB Ripjaws X 1600mhz, ºASUS GTX 780Ti OC [DC2OC] ºCorsair GS700, ºCM 690 IIIº LG E2241T ºWin 7 Ulti' SP1 x64

Level 7
I made a little video of the fan hum, its horrible at 70%, I understand the fans are going to be loud spinning at that speed, but not to hum and vibrate the whole card.

I can handle the fan, just not the hum and vibration, seriously it makes my side panel vibrate.
Plus its started to hum and vibrate slightly on idle (32%), set it to 40% and it stops.
This can't be normal.

Just got to wait for Asus to get back to me, but I feel burnt again with ROG stuff (had 3 dud ROG motherboards too).

Wish the Kraken G10 would fit on the Matrix, I have one with a Kraken x60 sitting on my shelf.

edit update:
I might also be stressing over temp too much, the card has never gone over 81c, today with a ambient temps of 26c it still stays on 81c no matter what I'm playing.
Seems the Matrix has sacrificed more heat for lower noise because at 54% fan speed you can barely hear it.

Though the vibration through the case at idle and 60%+ fan speeds still concern me, little rubber washers between the fan mount and the heat sink would stop that completely. (Tip for ASUS/ROG)

update 2:
Card hit 84c playing Risen 3, of all games something that isn't very taxing.
Not happy.

Level 10
I have a question. After playing game GPUZ shows green field what is mean POWER RELATED? Its something bad or not? Can somebody explain me? Card is Asus Gtx 780 Ti DirectCuII. Psu is XFX 750 W semi modular.