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GTX580 DirectCU II

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A quick preview of the GTX580 with DirectCU II

The retail box that you should be looking for.

The GTX580 with Direct CU (Copper) heatpipes that contact directly onto the GPU and a BEEFY heatsink with dual 100MM fans.

a quick diagram of Direct CU technology

Yes requires 2 8pin PCI-E connectors

And YES a 3 slot design. this is one BEEFY card. Many of you may be asking well what about triple or quad SLI. Due to the LARGE majority that usually purchase no more than a Dual SLI setup, we have decided to make DUAL SLI the best it can be. With this dual slot configuration, it really fills in the games compared to a single or dual slot design.

And the rear backplate to prevent flex and help dissipate heat. Whats pretty cool is when you put the cards in your system in a traditional ATX case, you will be able to see the GTX 580 to show off your ballin GPU

Some of the other unique features of this card is Super Alloy Power technology which consist of high end chokes, mosfet and capacitors.
heres a quick video:

While traditional chokes are hollow, you might here a high pitched whine when stressing your card as the choke coils will vibrate. You will probably notice this when running programs like Folding@home. With the new solid chokes you wont here these whines, plus they run cooler. :cool:

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Hooray for solid chokes!!!

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I really really really want this, but when is it being released and how much!?!?
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I saw this card at PDX 17 and it is way cooler in person the aluminum back plate is a very nice touch.

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by the way, this is now on sale over at newegg: im told there are only a few pieces left.

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It's pretty nice that it's actually the same price in Canada XD Which is rare. we usually pay more for hardware 😛

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