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GTX 980 MATRIX - LED Drama.

Level 8
I just purchased 2 of these cards and like many others under light loading, one card is showing the LED as aqua instead of blue.

Seeing as there is no fix for this, unless i want to RMA the entire card, i was wondering if ASUS would just release a driver update that allowed us to set the colour of this LED? It's not impossible, I know they could do it. So why don't they?

It's frustrating as hell for someone like me, (borderline OCD) who builds their entire PC around specs and a solid colour scheme, just to have it all fail as a result of a batch of graphics cards with a faulty LED panel.

C'mon ASUS. It was a good run and no-one likes breaking tradition, but somewhere along the manufacture process something went wrong with the LED panel in this card. Allowing us to manually set the colour of the LED is probably the fastest and cheapest fix possible.

PLEASE make it happen.

Level 13
Unless there is control over the entire RGB range, doing what you are suggesting is impossible. The VGA team will not be adding this control in software, so your only option is to contact ASUS SUpport AU and see if they will swap the card for you.

Level 8
It's not an RGB LED and It's completely possible. The colour of the LED is determined by the signal that the GPU sends to the LED display. It has Red, Blue and Orange signal wires. You can literally take the case off and rewire the plug that is attached to the LED display. I've already done it, thanks to the advice of another user.

There are 5 pins in total.
1. Power
2. Earth
3. Blue Illumination power signal
4. Orange illumination power signal.
5. Red illumination power signal.

When the GPU is underload, it sends a signal to the LED display to show the corresponding colour. I just removed pins 3, 4 and 5 and insulated them with tape, then took the pin out for the plug from pin 1 and placed it in the slot for pin 5. Now it is constantly red whenever the GPU has power. This is safe and 100% reversible. I already tested the voltages at all pins with power and they are the same rating...

this post will most likely be deleted because it could be interpreted as encouraging people to alter their hardware, but that isn't the case.
Here are the photos to verify my story and it is 100% safe. I'm an electrician and would not have done this had i not tested the voltages ranges of each pin.

Here are some photos to show you the process.

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No why should it be deleted..

You took matter into your own hands........


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You could have asked me, and i would had sent you some led displays