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GTX 970 Strix OC- Two times sent on warranty, Asus claims theres no problem, really ?

Level 7
I am really desperate so I am making another topic in here hoping for opinions and maybe actual help from Asus employees...

I have sent my GTX 970 Strix OC for warranty TWICE, first time with those 3 problems:

1. Electrical buzzing/hissing under load.

2. Strange vibration/rattling inside card/cooling when fans are operating.

3. Driver crashes, it started to happen out of nowhere, 20 minutes of gaming and driver stopped responding, first second of 3dmark or furmark and driver crashes.

After a month of waiting I got my card back and only problem number 3 was solved. So I have sent it for warranty second time and Asus send it back claiming that their
TESTS DIDNT SHOW ANY PROBLEMS and warranty rejected.

I am really pissed, I made a recording of the sound that is present when fans are spinning, the higher rpm the more noticeable the sound is, recording is bad quality but
still you can hear it especially from 1:15 and 1:39 when I ramped up fan speed about 60%.


I am not crazy, despire poor quality its hearable and live its 10 times worse, I can hear it even with closed case, its also present with my card in another PC so its not fault
of my case or something, its coming from 970. Why do they reject this, this is not how the card should operate and how can they not hear it ? What should be my next steps ?


Level 8
Tom227 wrote:

1. Electrical buzzing/hissing under load.
2. Strange vibration/rattling inside card/cooling when fans are operating.

1st - Coil Whine, normal in some equipments. Could be irritating but it's not a fault;

2nd - I'm sorry but I don't see any problem in that video card when the fans are operating.

The sound is the same as with the old DirectCU II coolers. It's midly loud when full load, mildly audible in normal use.

If you think that's loud, then listen a reference cooler from AMD:

That's very loud in my book, and I'm sure yours is not like this one on full load. So basically I don't see any problem with and I can understand why the Warranty were denied.

Level 7
Yeah it kinda sucks but from what you're describing it sounds like you got unlucky with a bad coil whine.

That's not a faulty product.. it is just something that happens, trust me I'm not sticking up for asus but it is something they can't control.

I had a faulty 980ti poseidon that has taken nearly 2 months for me to recieve a replacement that isn't even a poseidon.. my fingers are crossed that it's not another fault gold 20th edition 980ti.

Level 7
I know my phone couldnt record it properly, there is a second sound in background beside normal fan sound I was thinking you guys would also hear it starting from 1:39, there is this vibration in the background I wish I was crazy but its there and like I mentioned I tried other 970 which was MSI and it was totally silent, when I have read reviews Asus and MSI was stated to be nearly the same when it comes to how loud they are and my tests comparing those 2 cards showed Asus to be way louder and with additional sounds I mentioned here.

Asus doesnt want to do anything with it, so you guys think if I want to sell the card I can simply sell it as fully operational ? At least Asus claims it is...