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GTX 970/980 BIOS update for DisplayPort issues

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There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding surrounding the updated reference Maxwell BIOS -- there are several threads inquiring on this topic but many of them are confused as to what the necessity of the BIOS update or whether it applies to the ASUS cards at all.

Background: many Maxwell cards have had significant issues with output on the displayport connector, exhibiting a black screen in various situations: on initial boot, after restoring from sleep, etc. Different driver revisions appear to express the problem differently, and more recent releases solve the problem entirely for some people -- but not all. The thread on the nvidia forums describing the issue is here -- this link goes directly to the nvidia response, which indicates a two part solution to the problem: a new driver (344.80) and a new reference BIOS ( The suggestion is that the driver *may* fix the problem alone, and if it does not that the new BIOS will be required.

In my case, I have an ASUS STRIX 970 connected to an ASUS ROG SWIFT -- so displayport is the only possible option for me. The problem occurs for me even with the latest driver or that specific hotfix driver, and the other suggested PCIe setting related hacks are not effective or applicable (I have a somewhat older motherboard, an ASUS P6T). If my system goes to sleep for long enough for the SWIFT to enter its sleep state (i.e. the ring light turns off), I can expect that when I bring the system out of sleep that the monitor will be indicating "no signal" and no amount of power cycling of the monitor, unplugging/replugging of the displayport cable, etc. will bring it back. A system reset is the only reliable way. Not to belabor the point: this is *really* inconvenient.

So, back to the BIOS. Running the ASUS gpu tweak software informs me that I have the latest BIOS for my card, which is:

Sep 19,2014 84.04.1F.00.2B

There appears to be some confusion (i.e. in this thread as to whether this BIOS is actually newer than the one specified in the nvidia thread ( -- the fact that the version number includes hexidecimal digits is perhaps part of the problem, maybe along with the fact that 1F in hex happens to be the same value as 31 in decimal. I will present two pieces of evidence that the currently shipping ASUS BIOS version is older than the version specified by nvidia.

First of all, the date. The nvidia post that advertises the newly available BIOS was in November 2014, but the ASUS BIOS was compiled much earlier than that, in September 2014. Second, let's look at the BIOS release history of a vendor with a more active policy of BIOS releases -- MSI in this case:

2014-09-10 84.04.1F.00.F1
2014-10-29 84.04.2F.00.F1

(This data is from the techpowerup database of BIOS:

Clearly there have been many releases of BIOS made available since September's 84.04.1F -- revision 84.04.28 in early October, 84.04.2F in late October, and finally 84.04.31 on the 19th of November: this is the revision that nvidia is referring to in their post about the resolution to the displayport problems.

I'm not demanding that ASUS match the frequency of firmware release of other manufacturers -- it's a point of competitive disadvantage, but I'm sure there's a cost to producing new releases and it's up to ASUS to determine what their policy is for this. But in this case, there is a firmware release that corrects a defect in the product that is causing real issues -- this forum already has several threads asking about BIOS releases and/or complaining about displayport issues: it is causing actual customers significant problems right now, including me.

Please, can we get a direct, non-evasive answer as to when we can expect an updated BIOS produced in November 2014 or later based on the 84.04.31 reference code for Maxwell-based ASUS graphics cards?
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Thanks for this post. I have the DisplayPort issue when my ASUS GTX 970 Strix is connected to a Dell U2715H. I get an occasional black screen with no signal detected on system boot. I've been following this issue on the Nvidia forums, and there are lots of complaints about it. I'm a little more fortunate in that I'm able to connect the monitor via HDMI which avoids the problem. But I'm really interested in having this resolved by ASUS since at least one other manufacturer has updated the BIOS per Nvidia's recommendation. I just hope that ASUS isn't dragging its feet because it's actually a hardware issue with its graphics cards. Whatever the cause, it appears to be a handshake issue since my DisplayPort connection was solid once established.

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I have the same problem with a Philips 4K monitor, I need the DP because in other case I cannot set my monitor to 4k@60Hz.

This situation is very annoying because some times I cannot remember if I have saved my work. The only way to see something in the screen is with a power off cycle.

I need a solution now, in other case I will return it and I will buy a 970 from another brand.

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Created an account here just to add +1 to the OP.
I've spent many hours on this and other forums, trying to find solution with no positive results (I was really suprised by the number of owners reporting similar issues).
My PC is about 4 months old and from the beginning I'm experiencing random black screens / half screens after booting or waking up, being able to fix by monitor power cycling.
Today I tried to re-install the whole system only to find out that now I'm not even able to wake up the monitor by switching it off/on - now I need to hard reset PC 😞

This is really inconvenient and I sincerely hope that Asus will release VBIOS update (I'm pretty sure this is the reason for this behaviour).

Driver: 347.88
VBIOS: 84.04.1F.00.49
Monitor: Dell UP3214Q (MST mode @ 60 Hz) on DP + Panasonic plasma TV on HDMI
OS: Win7 x64

Level 7
Confirm the problem.
(Asus Strix GTX970)

Periodically, after the computer wakes from sleep, I get a black screen. At the same time the monitor (HP z24i) is still in standby mode. It seems like there is no DP-signal from graphic card.

I opened a RMA on Asus tech support in january 2015. The only advice that I received by tech support, use another connection instead of DP. Now I use DVI. Nevertheless, this solution does not suit me. I need a normal work on DP.

Product Model : STRIX-GTX970-DC2OC-4GD5
VBIOS version (GPU Tweak): 84.04.1F.00.AS13
BIOS version (GPU-Z): 84.04.1F.00.2B
Connection: DisplayPort
Monitor: HP z24i
OS: Windows 7 SP1 (x64)
NVidia driver version: 347.25

Level 15
A new vBIOS was released yesterday for the Strix GTX 980 to improve compatibility with some 4K monitors. Please run the latest GPU Tweak and update to it.

Thanks for the notification about the 980.

However, I (like many others with the issue) have a Strix GTX 970 which per GPU tweak hasn't had any VBIOS update yet. Do you know if such an update is planned? Also do you happen to know what specific firmware revision the Strix GTX 980 4K update is?

Level 12
How do you update this bios on the gpu. I am running the latest gpu tweak so do I need to open that and use a setting in there to change the bios or do I just download the bios update tool and let it do its thing? Thanks
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drop4205 wrote:
How do you update this bios on the gpu. I am running the latest gpu tweak so do I need to open that and use a setting in there to change the bios or do I just download the bios update tool and let it do its thing? Thanks

Click the Live Update icon on the left. Then click Check Update.

GPU Tweak didn't find any update, but after downloading manualy the new version ( from I seem to have the updated version.
Didn't have time to test the improvements in compatibility yet though.

Driver: 347.88
VBIOS: (updated from 84.04.1F.00.49)
Monitor: Dell UP3214Q (MST mode @ 60 Hz) on DP + Panasonic plasma TV on HDMI
OS: Win7 x64