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GTX 970/980 BIOS update for DisplayPort issues

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There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding surrounding the updated reference Maxwell BIOS -- there are several threads inquiring on this topic but many of them are confused as to what the necessity of the BIOS update or whether it applies to the ASUS cards at all.

Background: many Maxwell cards have had significant issues with output on the displayport connector, exhibiting a black screen in various situations: on initial boot, after restoring from sleep, etc. Different driver revisions appear to express the problem differently, and more recent releases solve the problem entirely for some people -- but not all. The thread on the nvidia forums describing the issue is here -- this link goes directly to the nvidia response, which indicates a two part solution to the problem: a new driver (344.80) and a new reference BIOS ( The suggestion is that the driver *may* fix the problem alone, and if it does not that the new BIOS will be required.

In my case, I have an ASUS STRIX 970 connected to an ASUS ROG SWIFT -- so displayport is the only possible option for me. The problem occurs for me even with the latest driver or that specific hotfix driver, and the other suggested PCIe setting related hacks are not effective or applicable (I have a somewhat older motherboard, an ASUS P6T). If my system goes to sleep for long enough for the SWIFT to enter its sleep state (i.e. the ring light turns off), I can expect that when I bring the system out of sleep that the monitor will be indicating "no signal" and no amount of power cycling of the monitor, unplugging/replugging of the displayport cable, etc. will bring it back. A system reset is the only reliable way. Not to belabor the point: this is *really* inconvenient.

So, back to the BIOS. Running the ASUS gpu tweak software informs me that I have the latest BIOS for my card, which is:

Sep 19,2014 84.04.1F.00.2B

There appears to be some confusion (i.e. in this thread as to whether this BIOS is actually newer than the one specified in the nvidia thread ( -- the fact that the version number includes hexidecimal digits is perhaps part of the problem, maybe along with the fact that 1F in hex happens to be the same value as 31 in decimal. I will present two pieces of evidence that the currently shipping ASUS BIOS version is older than the version specified by nvidia.

First of all, the date. The nvidia post that advertises the newly available BIOS was in November 2014, but the ASUS BIOS was compiled much earlier than that, in September 2014. Second, let's look at the BIOS release history of a vendor with a more active policy of BIOS releases -- MSI in this case:

2014-09-10 84.04.1F.00.F1
2014-10-29 84.04.2F.00.F1

(This data is from the techpowerup database of BIOS:

Clearly there have been many releases of BIOS made available since September's 84.04.1F -- revision 84.04.28 in early October, 84.04.2F in late October, and finally 84.04.31 on the 19th of November: this is the revision that nvidia is referring to in their post about the resolution to the displayport problems.

I'm not demanding that ASUS match the frequency of firmware release of other manufacturers -- it's a point of competitive disadvantage, but I'm sure there's a cost to producing new releases and it's up to ASUS to determine what their policy is for this. But in this case, there is a firmware release that corrects a defect in the product that is causing real issues -- this forum already has several threads asking about BIOS releases and/or complaining about displayport issues: it is causing actual customers significant problems right now, including me.

Please, can we get a direct, non-evasive answer as to when we can expect an updated BIOS produced in November 2014 or later based on the 84.04.31 reference code for Maxwell-based ASUS graphics cards?
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Cptken wrote:
It was the SLI-System.
I plugged one gpu out and flashed each gpu seperately.
Now both works fine with the bios update.

Greetz and thx a lot for help.

That utterly sucks. I hate dismantling PCs and Asus should test their software properly. They of all people have access to SLI...

I guess I should just be grateful they finally pulled their fingers out and released a firmware from months ago. I guess everyone else is several versions further on by now 😞 I feel burnt by Asus with the 2x 980 GTX Strix I bought and their incredibly slow support.

Installed vBIOS update with no problems (had to download manualy though), for a few days everything was fine, but yesterday my monitor refused to wake up after I got home from work - so let's call it a partial success I guess?

But at least now I only hear one beep during POST instead of two (prior to the update) 🙂

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Is your DisplayPort cable good? There's a lot of bad ones floating around, uncertified and underspec, which can cause all sorts of problems like this. I used the DisplayPort-to-DisplayPort cable which came in the box with my Swift, no adapters, no converters, no extensions, no problems.
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Updates for Strix GTX 970 are planned?

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Hi, just a +1 for the VBios Update for Strix 970.
Why is sooo slowwww ???

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I'm wondering if signal loss with U2868PQU will be resolved somehow, too.

While we are all waiting in various levels of desperation for an update to the STRIX GTX 970, I have noticed the following thing:

If you manually check the ASUS download site for the card model I have (STRIX-GTX970-DC2OC-4GD5), it shows no available BIOS update, as expected:

However, there is also a card listed as the "GTX970-DC2OC-4GD5" -- the exact same model number but omitting the STRIX prefix? Does that actually exist as a separate product? In any event, it *does* have a BIOS available, and the version looks good too:

The updated BIOS version is, as compared to my current 84.04.1F.00.AS13. I kind of suspect that the suffix (AS09/AS13) is a product code though, and the updater utility just pops up a message saying:

"Your graphic card no need to update VBIOS!"

I can see and extract the ROM file from that update utility though, and perhaps with some manual nvflash operations it would be possible to force an update. I have no idea if this is a good idea, but I'm getting close to the point where I'll try just about anything.

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Well, the good news is that it is possible to apply that BIOS to the STRIX-970 and it does not brick the card. The fans run faster (thus slightly more noise) and the maximum clocks are slightly higher. But, it all runs fine, and the BIOS version is definitely one that has had the nvidia DP fix applied, Here is what my GPU Tweak looks like right now:


The bad news is that the black-screen-after-sleep issue is still present, so I'll be reverting back to the original BIOS.

Very discouraging.

I'm considering moving the card into a system which does not use DP (an HTPC, for which it is definitely overkill) and replacing it with another card, perhaps a GTX 980 to make me feel like I got something out of the (extremely expensive) deal. I'll leave it to the reader to work out the chances of that card being manufactured by ASUS.

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I am still losing signal with DP on this BIOS =(

This issue has been the subject of discussion on the Nvidia forum for over six months. Here's the long thread:

The most recent post is from a guy who returned his Asus GTX 970 Strix because of this issue. The dealer apparently sent it out for service. After a couple of weeks, someone (Asus?) decided to send a new card to the customer. If the new card solves the problem, it would raise the question of whether there is a hardware revision in newer cards to address the DisplayPort problem.