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GTX 670 Fans Died, damaged the PCI connector and the Sabertooth Z77 PCI Slot :(

Level 7
Hello 🙂
First i'd like to apologize in advance for my bad english, everything i know comes from watching movies and playing games... so... yeah.
You can check on my Asus member account that my products are registered.

I'm having a big problem with my warranty on a store that i bought my new PC parts...
Here is the thing, i bought not long ago (about 2 months) a GTX 670 TOP, e suddently the fans completely stopped spinning, and as soon as i enter any game, my GPU starts heating up and my PC freezes and i have to restart. Now the heating ended up damaging the PCI connector of the videocard and damaging the Motherboard PCI Slot, an ASUS Sabertooth Z77 (Also bought in the same store) The ASUS GPU Tweak software shows the temperatures very high, and i never did any overclocking at all. I already tryied changing the fan speeds directly from the GPU Tweak but it won't work... Its important to say that my problem started after many days of normal use,I never tryied to do any kind of overclocking at all, my PC Case is well ventilated, and i use a quality Surge Supressor from Belkin.

Now i'm trying to RMA my defected Graphics Card and my damaged Motherboard for several days and the store is being neglect and aren't giving any importance to my e-mails and my calls... They claim that this problem occur from a power surge, but i don't think that's possible as my surge supressor is reliable... I have a valid warranty from the shop right here, but i guess i'll just have to sue them, i just like to know what should i do, how should i procceed? I mean, these parts have international warranty, and the store could easily RMA them with their local ASUS distributer, but istead they just neglect and ignore me... 😞

Here is my full specs:
Core I7 3770K
ASUS Sabertooth Z77
Corsair Vengeance 16GB
Corsair AX 750
Seagate Barracuda 1TB

The online store is this: (Aparently is under maintenance) but i actually bought from their Mercado Livre vendor (It's like e-bay)

If it would be of any help, i can post some pictures of the Graphics Card damaged PCI connector and pictures of the damaged PCI Slot from the motherboard...

Level 16
Welcome to the ROG Forum!

I'm really sorry for your issues! I can not really help you, but I would be curious of how that card looks like and what are the visible damages... could you, please, post some pics? You know, for all our knowledge...

When it's about RMA, the guys with @ ASUS after their nickname are your persons to talk with... I would suggest you to PM MarshallR and/or Mason... Not sure how things are going in Brazil, but I believe that they could help...

Hey thanks for the reply, later i'm gonna PM those guys you suggested and see if they can help me out...
here goes the pictures...

The Card works even when connected to the damaged PCI slot and the system recognizes it... Just the Fans aren't working so the card gets really hot quickly. And i keep getting black screens and complete system freezes if i try to play a heavy game... Already tryied switching to the bottom PCI Slot (that's not damaged) but got the same problems... Already tryied disconecting and connecting again the 3-pin fan connector on the card...

Here are some pics, showing that the fans aren't spinning, you can tell the PC is ON becouse the case fans and the CPU fans are spinning... And some pics showing the burned PCI slot in the Sabertooth and the burned PCI connector on the 670...

(Sorry for the low res, i took the pics with my phone)

Level 15
Have you tried contacting ASUS in Brazil directly? If they tell you to talk to the store, maybe try to explain the store is not listening..?

I don't know how strong your consumer laws are in Brazil sorry.