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GTX 670 2GB Non top version Red Screen Of Death.

Level 7
Hi, I have a GTX670 2GB overlaast not top version

A friend of my father had done the assembly.
Republic of gamers and had installed.
and others including GPU Tweak and the last drivers.
After two days I played once and got Minecraft red screen.
I had my computer in a bad way removal.
When I put my computer back on.
And had no problems.
Then I went Minecraft 15min play.
And got another red screen.
Then went on the internet search "GTX670 Red Screen"
And also came against the same problems that gtx 680 users

Then I saw that I had to uninstall GPU Tweak it.
When everything worked for 2 days.
Then I got Black screen when I craft mine or another game

They said it was a driver error.
When I installed the old drivers back.
And it worked again a day later I played a game for an hour

My friends and I go red again with the irritating sound I start

all over again and worked fine.
After I played games.
I have healed the day no games played but was at the

photo hope.
I went downstairs to say goodbye to my Grandma and Grandpa and

come back and saw Red screen and had to restart my PC.
It worked again.
My father has contacted the ALTERNATE I

But what is the problem who knows.
I am only 11 years though.
PC Spec's
650Watt TX 80 Bronze
I7 3770
GTX 670 2GB Not-top version
Cooler Master CM690 II
Corsair H80 Water-cooling.
Samsung 128GB SSD
Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB
ASUS P8Z77 m pro-

Level 7
I suggest you contact ASUS Customer Service Center.

bikeman@ASUS wrote:
I suggest you contact ASUS Customer Service Center.

Thanks, I will first try to get a new one at Alternate.
If it's not possible I contact ASUS.
THNX for the comment.

I didnt even knew there was a RSOD, sorry to hear you are having problems with it, keep up updated.

Level 10
Wiki provide about this information:

Level 10
More info here. May be a little bit help to know about RSoD.
Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

Level 10
Its i program fauld i have bin have semelor probelm reinstal Windos or uninstal Rog Conecter if you have it