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GTX 660 (non-ti) DCU2 OC Artifacts then Crash

Level 7
Hey folks currently have a gtx660 dcu2 oc that has a problem when playing in game (dayz). After a period of time (could be 2 minutes or an hour, I will get some pink blocks/checker pattern and it will crash to desktop with windows noting the driver stopped responding. Sometimes I can relaunch the game and be ok for an hour or two after that and sometimes it will crash again right away.

Originally thought it was windows 8 after everything I tried was unsuccessful (TDR settings, Nvidia CP settings, underclocking the card), adding my older 8800gt in as the physx card etc. So I started clean on windows 7 last weekend using latest drivers but to no avail. Had suspected it might be my PCIE 1.1 board (older xfx 680i lt sli) but believe it's a hardware problem with the card itself after a few weeks of looking around. Heat-wise I've never seen it over 50 or 55c, don't think that is an issue. The utilization is rarely over 66% when the crash happens. Also for power I should be rounded there have an OCZ 700 Watt (oczgxs700). Have played a few sessions with only 1or2 crashes over 2 -4 hours, but more often than not it would every 20-30 minutes.

Thoughts? Bad Card? Have tried a lot over the last couple weeks, but willing to try anyting new I haven't thought of. If needed can upload a pic but looks similiar to the other gtx 660 dcu2 thread.

Level 14
PSU how old is it?
IF you have a friend or you have a spare, try and see if its bether whit that ( have to be greater then the 700W to see if it can be the wattage ( dont have to buy new to test ) ).
if thats a no go, neverst nvidia drivers?? ( non beta of course )
if all that is tested then i have no idea to be honest, ive never been in to a problem like that.

Level 7
Couldn't access the forums today, weird...

PSU is about 5 years old Can't find a manufacture date on the power supply and my memory is not to be relied upon. I'm at current drivers, rebuild was literally last week. I've underclocked and after the initial last crash I've been up and running solid for a bit now.

I will try to get a friend to try the card out this week - he has a new 800 watt and give that a whirl and report back. Thanks!

Level 15

Chino wrote:
In the meanwhile, list your complete system specs for us, please. 😉

Q6600 (stock speeds)
4x1gb Corsair dual channel memory (mem tested fine)
120gb SSD (intel 530 i believe)

mentioned above:
xfx-680i-lt sli
ocz power supply (OCZGXS700)
ASUS gtx 660 dcu2 oc

Will be testing the card in another pc tomorrow night. Not easy to get gamers off their pc's 😄

Level 9
What does the Event Logs tell you? Can you see anything there at the time it crash to desktop?

MB: Asus Rampage IV Extreme CPU: 3960X Extreme Edition
RAM: G.Skill RipJaw Z (4x4GB 2133 Mhz) GPU: 2 x Asus Geforce GTX 680 Direct CU II TOP Ed. SLI
SSD: 2 x Intel 520 Series 240GB PSU: Corsair AX1200 CHA.: Cooler Master Cosmos II
COOL.: Corsair Hydro H100 KEYB.: Logitech G19 MOU.: Mad Catz Cyborg M.M.O.7 OPT.: Asus BW-12B1LT
HDD: 2 x WD Caviar Black Edition 2TB MON. 1: Samsung Syncmaster S23A700D
MON. 2 + 3: Samsung Syncmaster XL2370

viking wrote:
What does the Event Logs tell you? Can you see anything there at the time it crash to desktop?


The only thing I can recall seeing were TDR related messages, I'll double check the logs after the next crash.