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GTX 1180ti check this article 4K ultra 130fps

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I know it's still speculation but read this interesting article to the end for monthly fees


GTX 1180 Ti Pricing, Elite GeForce Experience & GeForce Edge

Now that we got the benchmarks out of the way, let’s talk about one of the most important things about this card, the price. A brand spanking new GTX 1180 Ti will cost you $749 when it comes out, which considering its blisteringly fast performance is a bargain really. Although there are a couple of key things to keep in mind.

NVIDIA is introducing a brand new service called Elite GeForce Experience which will allow users to download game-ready drivers a week in advance of game releases, share and download overclocking profiles as well as enjoy NVIDIA partnered titles for free.

The service costs $69 a month and users are required to sign up for a year before they can purchase a GTX 1180 Ti. To activate your subsrcription you’re required to attend a two week hardware re-education course at NVIDIA’s headquarters in Santa Clara California, as well as take a full biometric scan and provide a DNA sample. As soon as your subsrciption expires your GTX 1180 Ti will be deactivated and you will need to renew your subscription and ship another DNA sample to NVIDIA to have your subscription re-verfified

GeForce Edge is another service that the company is introducing with the 1180 Ti and it comes in three tiers. Tier 3 unlocks the boost clock functionality of your GTX 1180 Ti, Tier 2 unlocks half the GDDR6 memory on your card while Tier 1 unlocks half of the ROPs on your card. Each tier costs $29.99 a month. Then there’s the GeForce Edge Plus subscription which unlocks all the hardware on your card and costs $69 a month.
Without GeForce Edge the GTX 1180 Ti will only have access to have its memory, half its ROPs and no boost functionality.

A valid subscription of both services is recommended for optimum performance. So there you have it folks, the ultimate performance comes at the expense of some slight inconvenience

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Lol nice one Menthol, even though it’s a day late.

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my april fool's senses are tingling.
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